The Future of the Balls

Intressting post !
I am also one of those that past by from time to time.
I often check for good tips/ideas, and I love close proximity with similiar minded pepoles and providers.
As most of pepole said, it’s like a good bar, for me as my time is limited it’s more like a bar from a big town quite far away haha.

But what I think is the most important is that pepole are really chill here, and also not judging, which really impresses me.

Becuase most pepole, can’t know everything, and often forums such as LET or LES are not built for asking dumb questions, that once you know, are logicial.

A key factor of Hostballs, I guess, would be the price running this place ?
If I remember correctly it’s a full blown dedi, that isn’t that cheap for a single person, or is it sponsored ?
Indeed about Discord I would not be active too, because of the millions of discord I already have.

For offers, I don’t really care ? I mean as provider of course it’s great, but basically pepole who post here, and we won’t lie, are not searching custommers, even my self, we are using it for DR (Domain Reputation) and backlinking. It was more proven on the old domain hostedtalk through.

My only “tip” would maybe to have a backup person ? Maybe even on your side @Wolveix because right now from what I read if you once get rolled over by a skateboard (what of course I don’t want to happen to you), the website would technically be in a floating state?

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It’s a Hetzner Cloud server, and costs peanuts to host :slight_smile:

HB falls under the same grace as the rest of my technical properties; somebody is allocated and will ensure that the site is handled properly in the event that I can no longer do so :smiley: