Lighty / Lighttpd Config Options

If running on a small box, try Alpine, PHP and Lighty are both in their repo.

As Alpine only uses like 150 Mb of disk space, you can use the spare 1.5 Gb for other things.

Like some extra slow RAM by creating a NVME / SSD swapfile (swappiness = 100) :smiley:

Ah, yes, Alpine seems very nice. Wondered how it’s maintaining/upgrading in the long run?
(Been running Debian and unattended upgrades for a long time. Think I started out with Debian 2.0, or was it 2.1, ran Linux FT, Slackware and RedHat before that.)

Alpine works perfectly, very frequent updates.

And small enough to throw in a Docker container with your lighty/php stack.

That way it’s even easier to control memory usage, the diff in latency is negligible.

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As an example :

# apk update
# apk upgrade --available
# sync
# reboot


Is it safe to put in cron something like this(?):

apk update && apk upgrade --available

I assume version (distro release) upgrades shouldn’t skip minor releases? (As in jumping from v3.2 to v3.5 etc.) :thinking:

I would be very careful doing this. The minor revisions seem to come out quite often, and unless you check manually, you could miss a step.

I suppose you could parse Index of /alpine/ and decide what to do, but doing a blind ‘update’ will stop working when your subrevision is no longer current and/or there are no security patches for it.

Just keep in mind that it’s not the same as other distributions that tend to autosync subrevisions - which most of them will do. It doesn’t attempt to. That’s all up to you.


You got a snappy server now, serving on port 443 ?

Yes, though haven’t tweaked FCGI etc yet. :slight_smile:

Been playing with IPv6 and getting dehydrated to work. (Smoother than certbot + separate Cron job for making the combined cert.)

Will continue to play soon, but first some sleep and work :sleeping: :man_shrugging:

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