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Fancy. :sweat_smile: Seems Cloudron pricing is more per month than most of my lowend VPS’es per year :laughing:

That it is. Though they update it constantly so it’s evident that the work is being done to justify it at least. I get updates to apps on it every 1-3 days it seems like.

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Quite good idea! :slight_smile: Despite being a provider, i had not heard some of those apps before TIL :slight_smile:

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You know what’d be a cool seedbox? Hosted Cloudron. It has strong user management, and a bittorrent client in the application list. Lacking on the media side, but otherwise like a better version of what seedboxco is doing with the whole “appbox” thing.

Just planting a seed in the head of one of my favorite seedbox providers is all :wink:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have not used cloudron - if you do us a demo we’ll happily host it for you for a few months free of charge.

Tho i should mention our seedbox management software is fully built in house, and it’s been really polished for automation these days, it’s very hard to convince us to fully rebuild but something to offer as a alternative sure thing - that’d be interesting for the dedicated lineup.

Our system is open source and anyone can use it btw, just the whole server pool automation is closed/proprietary. All single server stuff is open source and free for anyone to use :slight_smile:

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Unfamiliar with Cloudron, can you install multiple instances of the same app? Else would you need a separate Cloudron license for each end-user with KVM to partition, or something stupid like that?

Yeah you can. Examples:

The former a public freebie, the latter being where I drop details for abuse complaints.

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