Ho-ost cPanel Promo Just For Hostballs (£1/Year & Free .COM First Year)


It’s mine! :star_struck:


NOOOOOOOOOOOO I was searching for a cool domain name to register and lost it to you :frowning:


So I was lucky.


Cray cray prem!


Free .COM promotion has finished. Still, getcha £1 hosting.


Shoot I missed/forgot about the free .com


Rather than grabbing one myself, I thought that someone more needing of it could take it since I really don’t need any more domains right now haha.


Yeah no kidding, and I just bought thago.at this week lol


Nice! Unfortunately, there isn’t a .ix tld, and there’s no way I’ll ever be able to get a decent domain containing any of my real names haha.


Who knows, maybe next time it will be £1 hosting and a free domain registrar with unlimited free registrations. :smiley:


Lol I used to have my firstlast.com but I let it expire.
Also Michael I would definitely take you up on that offer :sunglasses:


Here’s how much it would cost me:

Since GitHub offers an education pack which inudes a free 1-year .me domain registration, I ended up registering robt.me. Pretty happy with it.


Oh man 6 grand, what a bargain! Can’t be too upset with a 4 letter domain I suppose