Ho-ost cPanel Black Friday! 75% OFF! [SALE ENDED 25/11]


Good morning.

@Mason Awesome stuff thank you!

@AayushK any device or browser specifics? Testing on mobile the drop down was “empty” upon viewing but working. Please feel free to process an order via ticket and I’ll set it up.


I tied again just now, I got the same error

I’m using Chrome Version 70.0.3538.102 on Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview 18282.1000


Weird. It’s working just fine for me. Have you tried using a different browser? Chrome works for me, but there are obviously many other factors to consider.


After some searching, the only thing I can think of is that the currency forwarding system is not functioning correctly (for domains anyway). Can you try with a currency direct link?


I apologise if it still doesn’t work - but I’m happy to place the order manually via ticket if you are too.


Ticket Created #131840


IDK why but I keep getting that error


Thanks, I know the error now. Orders can’t be placed with USD as a currency profile as all products are in GBP.


I see. Invoice is now paid


Part 3. Credit promotions. 100% topup up to £10.
Deposit £10 > Open ticket > Receive £10 extra credit!
Applies to customers with at least 1 active service.

This promotion will expire on the 25th November 2018.


Mate, you’re going in a deadpool area. I am giving you a friendly warning before it’s too late :expressionless:

P.s: super sweet offers! Would have absolutely ordered if i had any need for those


Scuuuse you. It’s only up from here. (The price that is)


Can we get a resolution for #131840


Sure thing!




“BF2018” 75% ends today!