Community PiHole Project

Hmmmm… Just found this:

Like this?

I would generally use response rate limiting (RRL) of the DNS software itself. However seeing as dnsmasq does not support it, an approach with IPTables should work as well.

Here’s a simpler approach.

Just found this interesting project as well:

dnsdist can gleefully take care of that, sure it probably won’t be something working OOTB with an all-in-one solution like pi-hole.

^ This. You are setting up a public DNS server and will likely be used to carry out DNS amplification attacks. I’d honestly suggest not doing this.

Another better option would be to write and create guides on how people could set up their own.

Still interested in this project :heart:. And I’ve just found this one GitHub - fmirkes/adblock-dns: Easy to setup adblocking dns server, no log and simple =)).

If you’re in one of those countries, sure, those seem like good options. But I can’t imagine using those servers in the US. I doubt I’d even want to use a DNS server the opposite coast from me.

Not exactly in the vein of the topic, but useful and safer to run on your dedi/vps

EDIT: Sorry for the necro :grin: