BlueHost Leak?

Not legally, no. But web host client leak happens a lot on the net, especially between summer/kiddie hosts. The scale is too small and no one cares enough to go after them.

Pretty much the same with spam calls. My home phone number is “Do not call” list in Canada. Nobody bloody cares about that list. I get around 8 spam calls a day. Good thing is that I am not home most of time.

The only spam calls I get are the telecoms and cable tv. They don’t quit… fortunately I just add their number to the block list so all I see is my phone notifications about having blocked X calls and X text messages from reaching me. Probably in the hundreds every month.

No one else does cold calls here.
But for businesses you also get cold calls from the couple energy utility companies… and banks and I think thats it.

Cold calling is no longer a huge thing here, it used to be, and it wasn’t GDPR that stopped that. In fact, telecoms are even more annoying now.
At the office we still get the odd fax now and then… lol… like 3 time a year…

BTW bluehost was found to have a security issue.

It’s a problem here. National papers won’t mention it but local papers sometimes mention old women getting their bank account hijacked after getting a phone call from presumably India or somewhere in that region.

Of course, those scammers wouldn’t care about the do-not-call list in the first place. 6 of my spam calls are such calls.

2 are political surveys. I always lie on those if I do answer it.

We don’t need anyone from India to scam us, we outsoure everything else though…

Scamming old people is a common problem here, in particular in the rural areas.
But no one beats the banks… NO ONE.

WE’ve spend over 5billion of tax money into a bank that went bankrupt but not before it scammed people with “fail safe” investments. Gotta say… people don’t read what they sign… so the bank owner is living it large while we bury tax money to cover his mess.

In a county where every transaction over 1500€ needs to be communicated to the central bank and every trasnfer above €5000 needs to be justified (they’ll ask you where the money is from, whre you sending it too and why) , this guy was able to trasnfer out of the country 1 billions euros… and tax ministry says it was a bug that made them miss that transfer.
The same bug that skipped several other billions that went missing from a handful of guys/companies.

Yet… my mom got a call to justify her spending on the dentist… they wanted to know how she could afford it…

So, the Indian guy can’t get here fast enought, our own people already ran us dry.

Lol where do you live?

Here we send usually 10ks around banks in the country and outside of the country. Probably more within a one month range and there’s nothing asked / question or any control at all.

Is that France?

@armandorg FHR

Portugal AKA the country with th emsot effective control over companies invoicing, payments, revenue. Unless you’re not an SMB, then the rulebook is a different one and our government systems suffer from a specific bug that can’t track multi million financial transactions…

Here«'s something that happened to me a few months ago.
I had to make a deposit of $$$ and checks, so I go into the bank and tell them just that… their immediate request was for me to provide my ID…

Bank teller: Please provide you ID
Me: Wait… what?! It’s a deposit, not a transfer, I’m actually giving you money so that you add it to an account of your bank.
Bank Teller: I’m sorry but we cannot accept the money, just the checks. Unless you have an ID with you. We’re just following the law, as required by the central bank.
Me: Sure… babye.

So basically… they were fine with the checks as those have a name on them, but not with the live money as they could not trace it unless I provided an ID.

That’s how it is here.

Sidenote: If you are a regular in the bank, they’ll eventualy let it slide. I know cause 30m after the above happened to me, I made a deposit elsewhere. But I also know that the other bank let it slide because they trusted me as I’ve been going there for a long time.

Dudes… here we are supposed to ask an invoice for whatever you buy, even a 0.60 cents expresso. As per the law if I leave the cofeeshop without an invoice and an agent asks me one. They can write me and the cofeeshop owner a ticket. And evey SMB here needs to use a POS with the capability to send a XML file to the tax ministry. The control here is… out of this world. Again, only if you’re small fish…

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This seems to be a fairly global issue…

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Curious, are these laws implemented “recently” as a knee-jerk response to the financial crisis you guys had back in 2009/2010 onward? Or is it the status quo for ages now?

I can’t blame your country for doing that if it was in response, it’s necessary.

All signs point to -

The end is nigh.

FYI, the government was caught letting multi million (actually about 7 billion euros from a handful of persons) slide thru their system without being tagged nor traced. Their public excuse is that it was a BUG. I’m not making this up, they literally blamed it on a system bug.


It has nothing to so with the financial crisis. Zero.
We have this for quite a while, it’s the limits that are shrinking. So if say 10 years ago only transaction of above 20k required a justification, now a 5k transaction requires a justification.
Banks also send an yearly report with how much money your company received via digital payment methods (for example the cards swipe). And anyone with over 50k in cash/investment/savings gets reported too. The later is a new law, that some in the government wanted to cover 20k+ instead of 50k+.

The problem here is that the country economy is mostly based on SMBs, because large corps have legal ways to avoid paying taxes, some have chronic losses (but an SMB with a 5yr run loss gets a visit from the tax man) so the goverment needs to finds way to make sure no cent goes untaxed when it comes to SMBs.

Fun fact. A few years back there was this proposal to pass to law that was about taxing the money parents give to their grown up kids. It was to be considered income.

Love Portugal, but its corrupt as fk… and someone needs to pay the bills.

ohh about the financial crisis that our friends, the banks created. It costed us, the tax payers, billions (as in the money we injected and keep injecting into banks, I tihnk this year one bank alone will costs us 1bn). It already costed us more than the Universal Care budget. Yet… no one went to jail.

How about Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Salgado ? Banco Espírito Santo ? lol

And now Carlos Costa with the Bank of Portugal …

But still, Portugal is doing way better these days than a few years ago.

Especially compared to Greece or Italy.

So don’t lose your positive vibe…

Ricardo Salgado made a transfer of 1 billion of euros to out of the country days before the bank crashed.
It weas reporters who figured it out and alter noticed that within a short time span along with Salgado, another ~6bn were trasnfered out of the country. That was when the government blamed it on a system bug.

It will be a short span. As always, it’s election time so there’s plenty to go around.
Until Portugal addressed the corruption within the government, no tax will be enough. For example, Ricard0’s bank, BES, the day before it crashed we had a the finances minitry come to TV to state the bank was solid… we all know now that the government knew it was gonna crash for over an year now… but they kept helping the guy. A team within the bank of Portugal had provided a report saying that not only BES was in trouble but that the Bank of Portugal should prohibid Ricardo from being its CEO. The bank of Portugal buried the report.

Ricardo back then was know as the “Owner of all” because usually company fund a specific party, but Ricardo funded them all. So he was always in the government good graces regardless of who was in power.

But BES is only one example, we have plenty. We have a public bank, and it’s known that the public bank would grant multi million loans to friends that would later not pay them. No one is held accountable cause its the cost of doing business.

Last month reporters found out (cause someone spilled the beans) that the government was buying expensive equipment for hospital (example CT scan machines) but the hospitals were storing them instead of having them installed. Then they were claiming (actually still are cause no one did shit) they were not able to do the CT scans so they had to sign agreements with private hospitals to do it for them…

…I could go on. Public infra is another cesspit of corruption with officials being bribed to hand out projects to the highest bidder…

…dude… I could go on and on with this… till you were put to sleep. I think that only Brazilians out do us in corruption and that’s probably because we colonized them back in the day…

Edit: I think I’m a positive guy, I can’t really complain about my life, but that doesn’t prevent me from seeing the reality around me.

Edit 2: Have to include one of my favorite examples. A few years ago a bank, BPN went bankrupt and what did the government do? I’ll tell ya…
They nationalized the bad debt AND every bad credit was taken over by the state which at the time created what they called a financial vehicle (bad credit = credit the bank conceded with small chance of being repaid by who asked for it)
BUT the bank owned an insurance company that was actually doing pretty well… so did they natinalized that? no… they said it was illegal to do so…
End result? The state took over the toxic assets and “sold” gave the good assets away. After spending over a billion on the bank, recovering the bank, sold the bank to Isabel dos Santos, at the time the daughter of Mozambique President for 30 millions euros AND (yeah it doesn’t end here) agreed to pay the idemization of every employee Isabel dos Santos decided to fire within the year AND (it goes on) Isabel would only pay IF by the end of the first year the bank profit exceded the 30 million. Great deal hein?

And you thought it ended here? no…
One of these companies that owned mon ey to BPN, owned 400 million euros. And that was considered a dificult to recover credit so it became the responsability of the state. When the state told this company that they had to pay their debt (the 400 million), so ya wanna know their reply?
Their reply was that there was nothing to pay cause they owned BPN and BPN had bankrupt and they did not consider the trasnfer to the state as beign legit. So the debt was no more.
… and now you’re wondering about the legal case, right? wrong, there was none.

But here gets the kicker. Fast forward a year or so, the state was doing business with this company… like nothing ever happened.

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