Aruba Cloud - 20% off, recurring

Aruba might have a special enterprise agreement with VMWare.

I don’t doubt that they do. I know when I last looked at it from a commercial perspective (admittedly it was probably 2+ years ago) it wasn’t a viable solution. I’m not having a pop at Aruba, but some of the lowend VPS providers are now using ESXi and I can’t believe they have an enterprise agreement (the costs just don’t stack up).

Aruba UK DC, 1€:

# uptime
 11:14:06 up 939 days, 15:22,  1 user,  load average: 0,11, 0,17, 0,16

playground with not much traffic anyway…


Are the 1 euro boxes still available?

Yep, but I think that they are limited to one DC.

It’s available in Czechia and in Italy.

//EDIT: They give out 2e coupons for new clients. So effectively 2 months for free

Got one of those €1 boxes for a Unifi Controller, managing a few sites. Working great so far.