Any docker love?


Finally moving from Swarm to K8s, Rancher 2.0 is in beta and that is supposed to be a good new release.


Cuck’d again.


Okay fuck you, I’ll TRY IT! :wink:

aaaaaaaa stop this actually looks nice ^^


Now this is nice, that video certainly convinced me to give it a try.


I have some time hearing about Docker but I always have had the idea it is something complicated. Finally decided to install Discourse for a small community on a DO droplet and start learning.

First task: learn how to migrate (for when I run out of credits) :joy:

#26 :slight_smile:

Pipe to gzip to compress -
docker save container-name | gzip > discourse.tar.gz


How are you all managing the permissions for the bind mounts?
I remember it was one of my major pita the first time I tried docker.

Are you doing something like explained here? Or is there anything newer?


I’m using pure default and letting docker manage the volumes.


Been playing with docker on and off but only 2 of my docker images get regular use and don’t require redundancy as i just build the docker images for tools based usage. Not ready to deploy full site stacks on Docker yet.


I use these docker images on my CentOS server. So it’s one thing I like about Docker in that way :slight_smile: is very useful too.

I assume most folks here aren’t using CentOS, but if you do just a tip for CentOS 7 make sure to use EXT4 instead of XFS with Docker

Otherwise you may run into issues

WARNING: overlay: the backing xfs filesystem is formatted without d_type support, which leads to incorrect behavior.
Reformat the filesystem with ftype=1 to enable d_type support.
Running without d_type support will not be supported in future releases.


Sorry to dig up old topics… Just thought I’d chip in.

I think as with everything Docker has a time and a place. I used it at work and fell in love with it, but for my Plex server, personal Git server etc I just do it manually with LXC.

Great for large deployments, but unless you’re planning on wanting something you want to be able to deploy in an instant then there’s little use for it (IMO).


I’m going to install Firefly. Saw this

Which of the 3 approaches do you recommend?


I just installed firefly and gave it a test about a week or so ago. Just went with a native install with a nginx proxy in front. Docker will likely be the easiest, though, if that’s what you’re after.


Any reason?


Mainly because I already had PHP7 + Nginx + MariaDB already installed on the box I put it on, so it just made sense to install it natively as I already had all the prerequisites.


Out of curiosity: anyone using Docker in an actual production environment?


@Mason, would you help me to update my Firefly III instance?

I see

But I don’t have any idea of what’s the correct value for . I did:

[root@firefly ~]# docker container ls
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                NAMES
dc973b5daa0e        jc5x/firefly-iii    ".deploy/docker/entr…"   4 weeks ago         Up 2 minutes>80/tcp   root_firefly_iii_app_1
8e9b012dfce1        mariadb:latest      "docker-entrypoint.s…"   4 weeks ago         Up 4 weeks          3306/tcp             root_firefly_iii_db_1

I don’t want to screw up my installation.


Really love it. If you want to use it personally on your projects, take a look at CaptainDuckDuck - it’s magic.


Looks like the right commands would be:

docker-compose restart firefly-app
docker exec -it dc973b5daa0e php artisan migrate 
docker exec -it dc973b5daa0e php artisan firefly:upgrade-database
docker exec -it dc973b5daa0e php artisan firefly:verify
docker exec -it dc973b5daa0e php artisan passport:install

The docker exec commands should be run on you main firefly container (not the database container), so use that containers id or name.

If you want to be doubly sure that you don’t mess up any info, you can save off your existing containers first before updating and can restore from them if shit hits the fan:

docker commit dc973b5daa0e imok/firefly-iii-app:backup
docker commit 8e9b012dfce1 imok/firfly-iii-db:backup

Do a docker images to confirm they were saved.

[root@firefly ~]# docker-compose restart firefly-app
ERROR: No such service: firefly-app

Using firefly_iii_app (where to get that?)

[root@firefly ~]# docker-compose restart firefly_iii_app
Restarting root_firefly_iii_app_1 ... done
[root@firefly ~]# docker exec -it dc973b5daa0e php artisan migrate 
Nothing to migrate.




Customization done to files in a running volume are lost if you need to restart the volumes?
… I’m asking because I customized a few files and alter the system hang for whatever reason and I decided to restart all the volumes, and bam, all the customizations were gone…

It’s hard to believe there’s no way around it, but googling it lead me to commits and having to generate new images… and that can’t be… otherwise it would mean that a service hanging would be a huge problem to restart… noob question I’m sure, but help is appreciated :slight_smile: