YouTube to MP3 Mass Conversion?

My fellow Ballers,

I never had to do something like this before and would rely on your recommendations: I have a list of links to around 60 Youtube videos that I would like to have in MP3 format. Is there any existing CLI tool or online service that can to the mass download and conversion for me, or do I have to do this file by file?

Is youtube-dl what I am looking for?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Scratch my question… :slight_smile:
youtube-dl seems to be able to do exactly what I want…


Add this if you want to do a whole bunch :


Yes, that does precisely what you want. You need to get a license, though.

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A license to kill.


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You need to get a license, though.

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Try youtube-dl -F [youtube url] to see what formats are available for that video. if there is no mp3 then get one of the higher bit rate audio formats and convert it with ffmpeg. You should be able to script this for your 60 urls pretty easily.


I have been using this. Haven’t downloaded anything yet with it. Just use it for playlists. Still could be handy.


There are a few tools that will do this. A simple google search about can do this for you.

You can even get windows GUI editions that will do it all for you. One that comes to mind is Any Video Converter.

Videoder has a great GUI if you are looking for a Windows solution.

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Thank you guys, the CLI version for Linux did the trick for me!
However, I you come across a nice & easy GUI for macOS, then kindly let me know!

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MediaHuman works great and has a Mac port it seems: