Who would be interested in cheap EU colocation?

Hi guys, I am not saying this is definetely going to happen but I was wondering how many people would possibly be interested in the following colocation deal? Just to put a feeler out there to see if there is even a market for such deals.

Located in the Netherlands

1U Rackspace
1Gbps connection
10TB of bandwidth
Free RH during business hours
1A of power
20Gbps DDoS Protection
1 IPv4 & IPv6 address

Standard of 40-50 EUR a month, everything upgradable.

Depends on the DC and provider. There are quite a few deals to be had in NL for cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

What about KVM/IP? Edit: didn’t notice free RH during business hours. Nice.

KVM connection would be provided free of charge on request, same with remote reboot and reinstallations.

These can take up quite a bit of time. Be sure your terms state 1 to 2 month, et al…


Seems like a decent offer, but cheap + NL makes me immediately think of Serverius - and my time with them and one of their resellers was a complete gong show.

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This is most definitely not Serverius, I’ll never go with them again. I’m guessing the reseller you speak of is HostSlim.

You made me chuckle a little.

Gold. Who then?

Possibly interested depending on the DC…

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It’s in the new WorldStream DC being opened in May. Network blend of Cogent, Telia, Core-Backbone amongst others.

For anyone now thinking to themselves ‘Why go with you instead of WorldStream direct?’

Adding up all the costs of what I provide verse WorldStream direct is a lot more. 20Gbps of DDoS Protection is 250EUR alone, plus a 1G port and 1A of power is an addon to their basic 1U plan.

EDIT: There is also a slight chance it’ll be in their current main DC depending on a few things but most likely the new one.

Do you already represent a business or?

I do but it’s not something I want to let on at this point, just gauging if an interest would exist for this. I’m guessing by this reply it’s something you would potentially consider?

Yeah the biggest issue is that the large providers are a bit too pricey (talking specifically about 1U packages here) and the smaller ones (one already mentioned) are hard to trust or know what to expect. Such a deal is perfect for a little compute node with ton of storage density (4-8x 10TB WD Reds) but 40EUR/mo is less attractive if you’re not quite sure whether you’ll get your hardware back when it comes down to it, or whether you’ll ever receive what was promised in the first place.

Very nice. Count me possibly interested!

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This is something I completely understand. If this were to launch, it’s under a registered company in the UK where you can see our office address and director information online so you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone running off with your hardware or trying to hold onto it just for the sake of it.

I’ve personally been through experiences like this cough Serverius and I absolutely hate it. We are perfectly alright with you packing up and leaving after 10 days if you want, all you’d need to pay is the shipping fee back to your country of origin and of course a box for us to put it in (unless otherwise agreed). I feel there is a huge void in the EU colocation scene for the smaller type of customer, it’s predominantly filled with entire rack deals etc and that’s the only place you get bang for your buck which is something we are trying to do but for smaller deals.

Nice one, glad to hear we’re on the same page. I’m from the UK too and I’m afraid I’ve had similar experiences to yourself and @Harambe. Anyway consider me interested if it ever happens.

Ding ding ding! We’ve got a winner.

What a fucking nightmare they were.