Who Is Using IPv6?

How many of you are using IPv6?

Wondering if I should start using it. Sadly both my home and work ISP don’t support it yet :-/


I’m using IPv6 pretty actively, it saves on having to worry about IPv4 addresses :stuck_out_tongue:

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That was my initial thought too. Also I could give every VM it’s own public IP :slight_smile:

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I have IPv6 at home, as well as setup on pretty much all my services.

How would people that only have a IPv4 address reach my servers?

I think I can use cloudflare for web servers? What about the services? (VPN, DNS, etc)

Like internally?

My ISP gives me a /64 at home so every device uses it’s own IPv6 address.

My servers either have a /48 or a /64 to use on them. For example I have a proxmox server with a /48 that gives each VM it’s own /64.

Yes. I use IPv6 and I like it, especially considering I don’t have to pay extra for it, unlike IPv4. I would love to see some BF offers with IPv6 only, as it would considerably reduce recurring monthly price.


Maybe I am confused. Does this mean your devices are directly on the internet?

Their get their own internet IPv6 address, and an internal v4 address. They still use the router as a gateway, so it still filters any incoming requests.

Got it, thanks :slight_smile:

So one of my providers is offering a free /64 which is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 addresses?

Is that right? :flushed:

Recently I observed that my mobile carrier (Airtel) is now using IPv6 to deliver 4G data.

So, when on 4G yeah I’m using IPv6

Verizon too. I suspect all carriers do, or will soon :slight_smile:

Most of my server got ipv6 48/64 blocks but I haven’t config any address on most of them, my home ISP doesn’t have ipv6, had ipv6 with my previous mobile provider but not with current.

IPv6 is a little bit hard to remember

Same here, but that’s going to change :wink:

Agreed. That is why I have avoided them in the past.

They would reach it over v4 if you have it configured. If you’re v6-only then they won’t see it.

Cloudflare will let you run a v6-only server and they’ll proxy 4 & 6 in front so everyone can access it. Great if you don’t have many IPs on a box but want to run sites in their own VMs.

For everything else you’ll need to dual stack it. Both v4 & v6 address on the box and then an A record for v4 and AAAA for v6 - then let DNS handle it. If they have v6 their machines will pick the AAAA record, if they don’t then they’ll use the A record for v4.

Gotta put everything in DNS.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. That’s a problem :confused: