Which Phone Do You Remember Most?

In the history of my phones, I remember several good ones:

Sony Ericsson T290

My first phone ever. My father bought me this one because I was building a WAP site as a project for my school. “You can even connect it to a PC if you buy the USB cable” the seller said. Oh the memories. The only one that was a gift.


Motorola L7 and V3i

Probably the best ones before Android arrived. I used to be part of ModMyMoto forums to “hack” P2k system.



I will buy a V3i again.

Sony Ericsson k310

Everybody near me had one. Easy to get the keyboard broken.


Samsung Galaxy Mini

First Android phone I had. I liked its design.


First big phone. Amazing screen, internal storage and manual camera (raw). It died one Christmas night without any warning.


After that, I think there is no special phone any more. Currently I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.

Will change soon, maybe with a Mi 9.

And you?


Kyocera Slider, my very first phone. My parents wanted me to work and earn money to be able to afford a cell phone and plan. Good old virgin mobile at like $20 every three months (pay as you go).

Motorola Razr, one of my brother’s first phones that I was extremely jealous over for some reason. That and a Razer scooter made you hot shit at school in my neck of the woods growing up.

Motorola Droid, my first smartphone. My mom, god bless her, went to Verizon on the release day to pick mine up while I was at school. It was because of this phone that I picked up my current phone (BlackBerry KeyOne) because I loved having a physical keyboard on a smartphone.



I remember this one too

Maybe it was in my hands for a couple of months only

My Frist 2G phone was the Nokia 3210

My first 3G and camera phone was the NEC 313 the battery life on it if I remember correctly was absolute awful, I only picked it due to a family member working in the Three store at the time so got a good deal.

After that I’ve had a number of phones can’t remember all of them HTC’s iPhones Motorola’s.

Currently I got a Pocophone F1.

Nokia 3390. Man, that thing was a tank.

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I think my dad has a very similar one.
When the keyboard starts to fall out he will apply some tape over it.

Oh I had that too.

T-Mobile MDA Pro. I wish they would remake this awesome piece of hardware.

Samsung Galaxy S2, aka. “why would you spend that much on a phone and why is the screen so large?”

Still haven’t decided what phone should I get next, been waiting for a few years now.

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Mine died too after like a year (had it rooted unfortunately so no warranty). There’s something wrong with the motherboard, many die way too soon. Mine died when I had a flat and had to call road side assistance in the middle of nowhere…

Anyway, my first phone was a Siemens A52, then a Samsung Galaxy Europe, then a Samsung Galaxy S3, then a Nexus 5, then an LG G4, then a OnePlus 3T and as of a month ago I’m owning the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus.

The one I remember most would be the Galaxy S3, simply because it’s my first ever decent smartphone. The rest are great phones, but not all that different compared to the S3 if you compare it to the Galaxy Europe or Siemens A52 dumphone.

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My first was a Motorola with Blue&White Display (oddly not black and white lol). Can’t remember the model though. My second phone was Sony Ericsson K770i :heart:

Today, even though I’m still young (I guess), I am kinda fazed at the fact 6 year olds own an iPad a Wii and an iPhone or other expensive Smartphone…and keep staring at it 24/7 like zombies. In Asia they have traffic lights at the ground (in form of glowing rays) to prevent people from run into cars when looking at their phones.

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Nokia 3310

EDIT, I almost forgot:


First ever was a Motorola A130, my first smartphone was a Nokia 9000 communicator :roll_eyes:

Siemens phone were awesome. My father had various of their models in a row, including the Siemens a52.

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Perfect device to start a dramatic nuclear attack to the entire world, while typing with one hand.

I used it many, many times for this… :rofl:

My first phone was a Sharp GX20:


Then I got a phone with a sliding horizontal keyboard (I can’t remember what make or model it was). Then I moved onto a Blackberry Curve 8520, then an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, HTC One M8, Vodafone Smart Prime 6, Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, then finally onto a Xiaomi Mi 9 :smiley:

I think the most memorable would probably be the Blackberry Curve 8520, but that could be due to me having it during school and the “shenanigans” that occurred with it (making custom profiles on a friend’s phone so that SILENT was actually LOUD etc.). Near enough everyone around had the same phone, so good times were had :sweat_smile:


It hung on the kitchen wall. It was the only phone in the house. You could even call a special number and get a weather forecast.


Oh I totally forgot the BBs.

I had the Blackberry 8220 and 8520. Until a day, short after receiving the 8520, a couple of men got into the taxi that was driving me, covered me with a blanket and took all of my stuff. That day I was carrying both phones with me because I didn’t had the time to migrate the information yet.

Despite that, good times with the Blackberry Messenger :smiley:


Shit dude, that sounds horrible! Glad you’re okay though (even if it was a while ago).

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