Where Are You Hosting Your Nextcloud?

As the title says… FYI, I’d be looking to buy two plans because I have trust issues… I need it backed up to a different server, in case things hit the fan. Looking for at least 500G but the more the better. Only a handful of users. I don’t have a location preference.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Currently running on a auction server at Hetzner with 2 external backups.


I’m with InceptionHosting for my Nextcloud instance: https://inceptionhosting.com/kvmstoragevps.html.

Backups are kept at my homeserver, HostHatch and a BuyVM slab.

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Hosting mine with Online.net. Not backups of my instance, but I back up my data to multiple places (not just to OC/NC)

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Host mine on an OVH ARM Server 6Tb and then back that up to my home server.

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Nextcloud = E3-1230v2/16GBRAM/2x6TB @ Seattle
Backup = E3-1230v2/16GBRAM/2x6TB @ Dallas
Each server is a HW RAID1 with rsync to backup run once a day.
There is also an offsite backup routine but that is classified.
I could tell you, but then I would have to…yeah.
This is our enterprise production environment file server.
We’re a provider, so we host it ourselves :wink:

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I always worry about rsync to sync /dev/null. Like if something bad erase file erase these file and you sync them, your are still fucked. Of course you have your offsite backup, but probably same issues or sync less often.

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The rsync only updates the necessary files/folders with the nextcloud data directory.

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Yeah, that what I try to say. It still can erase file on the backup if the source got corrupted.

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I’m running Nextcloud on a BuyVM Las Vegas slice + slab.

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Anyone running into issues using it on 512ram?

Im going to install it on an idle slice I had sitting around…

Should be plenty as long as you’re not using memory intensive plugins.

I have NextCloud on my HH 750G special (750MB RAM), and it works fine. free -m shows

sanvit@la-750:~$ free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:            733         210          90          16         432         382
Swap:          1465         144        1321

Edit : thanks mod for editing it! :slight_smile:

Hetzner auction. Got a bargain E3, ECC RAM, ent HDDs etc.

I don’t do a full nextcloud install backup, but the data and database are backed up every 4 hours.

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Had one on vultr for a while using their self installer, cancelled because I wasn’t able to get nextcloud chat working usefully, might try again on my Virmach vps. I want a geographically nearby server to keep voice latency low and while I’ll use it for occasional photo and similar small uploads, I don’t need a big storage server behind it.

Nextcloud Talk is pretty decent nowadays. Should definitely give it another shot

Cheap Hetzner Dedi sez : “Give me all your low IOPS apps, and sleep well”
Storage VM steal-deals at other vendors for backup.

I think the problems I had were due to some limitations in Android and maybe in Firefox. I wasn’t able to get voice chat to work at all with these clients. Text chat worked ok but that was less interesting. This was a few months ago, not eons back. But I might try again. Thanks.

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lightsail + wasabi currently, but going to move it to a slice and a slab at BuyVM

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Transip’s STACK + a VPS.