What to do with a Hetzner Dedicated Server?

Hello Community, I have a Dedicated Server from Hetzner with 12 Physical Cores AMD processor, ECC Memory 64GB RAM, 4TB ENT. HDD. Earlier, I was planning to Sell VPS through it(Either Virtualizor or SolusVM or Proxmox) but as you know, They’ve recently increased price too much.

I saw IPXO by Heficed and IPv4 lease pricing were 0.84$/Month but I am not sure if Hetzner supports bring your own IP.(BTW OVH also seems good in Virtualization and IP address thing, But their Servers are way too much costly on 8 Physical cores)

I already have many Shared Hosting Servers and do not intend to build another one. Hetzner policies does not allow mining, so thats also out of the question. Thought of Game hosting but that also requires Additional IPs and You know the Price hike!

I took 3 Servers in total for Making a cloud using Openstack, instead started Email Marketing on other two because of extreme orders and this one got left out. I don’t wanna cancel a powerful server like this.

What can I do with this idle server so that it generates its own Monthly pricing at least?

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Hetzner only do BYO with colo I believe.

OVH can be dearer/server but the IP costs is currently a one off, so in the longer run it probably evens itself out, if not cheaper.

The downside to OVH is they won’t allow more than a /64 per server - Hetzner offer a /56 but that has a setup fee too (one time).


OVH downside is only one: Their Support sucks… To get them on phone line, I have to wait 30min on phone. Their Ticket support responds in about 24 hours. The person “Harry” which convinced me to purchased a server also now responds late and so if anything is down, You’re own. Though they have given IPMI access, but still I had a problem.

Their Packets were dropping from OVH RBX peering to JIO INDIA, So I started a ticket, the first response was 3 days later asking screenshot and when I gave, They replied back in about 5 days and I was at that timeframe not online and didn’t bothered because they already took 8 days which is really not a time a DC provider should take.

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That’s true. It’s good while it works.

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It’s somehow sad that they don’t allow BYOIP only in colo… Because currently renting an ip is way more worth it than current Hetzner IP prices.

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Why not use it as a internal CDN/edge caching deal then? It can at least offload some of your workloads and boost your services’ qualities a bit?

Pushes to shove, that 4TB HDD is great as a 3rd backup avenue. You can never have too many backups.

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I just checked with our support team, and that is right. --Katie