What Offers Should a New ISP Promote?

Hello, nice people of HostBall :slight_smile: we’re officially launching pretty soon and wanted to find out what promotional offer you’d be seeking out for in a new company such as ourselves. Be realistic as we can’t provide you with 100% discounts, but can give you the moon! Let me know. Cheers!

Make sustainable offers and offer personal, efficient support . It doesn’t help anyone if after a few weeks/months you close shop (and run?!). Not in your interest either :wink:

@HostDoc is a good example of what I’d consider a new host that has made a good approach to things and now has established themselves quite the reputation.

Wait isn’t ISP normally the term used for providers selling cable/phone/home internet rather than web services, vps, servers etc… ?

Don’t feel offended though :slight_smile: Welcome to the community!


Thanks for the prompt reply! Don’t worry we’ve got our own hardware and colo space with our trusted partners in Tampa, we are not going anywhere :wink: the business has been setup due to the frustration of affordable companies closing down/not fighting the competition again EIG/GoDaddy. Thanks for the feed back and no offence taken :slight_smile:

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I love to see recurring 10% discount coupons from companies that are priced competitively, but not too competitively. To me it says “We’ll go the extra mile to get you in the door, but won’t devalue ourselves (and you by extension) more than that.”


It is always good to offer some cheap first month offer (Think of it as free trial but requires payment to reduce spam). For example, $0.10 first month for users who pass the fraud test.

This allows new clients to try out your service without spending too much :slight_smile:

Thanks @Ympker for the kind words, but, our approach was very different from the rinse and repeat hosts.
I strongly believe in the etho that one needs to speculate to accumilate. So, that was our approach.
A budget was set aside for a 3 year stint of no profit whilst establishing the brand and the service that we provide.
Any form of profit was always pushed straight back into expansion so we could keep the instances themselves sustainable but still operate at a no profit threshold.
Our prices will go up. That is inevitable. But this is still the honeymoon period while we allow clients to get to know us.
The great thing about this approach is that clients who joined during the honeymoon period will always have the same price plan as it sustains the node and ensures we have satisfied clients whom will continue to recommend us even after the price rise as we honour our prices and level of service.
@mxnhost my suggestion is be ready for a long stint of no income but also be ready to showcase just how good your service is or can be when you start getting clients.
We have had clients who had an entire node to themselves for up to a month. It will be a long road.
Be active when called upon, participate in discussions, make a few offers such as 10-50% off on stock you can afford to do so and always, ALWAYS be available for your clients.


Thank you for the words of wisdom. We are to take them on board and start implementing into the business plan.