So… Vultr sucks?

I have 3 instances, asked them to lift the smtp block.
They got back to me with a few questions which I answered within minutes, and was carefully to make a projection of my future needs.

Hours later I was accused of being a spammer. WTF?!

I got back to this rep and wasked what exactly made him think that. Surely not something I’m running on those instqnce, surely not the verifiable information I provided and surely not what I had written to them.

His reply?
To contact them again in 14 days …

How the f… can people be this disrespectfull?!

I’m using those instqnce for some specific and for fk… sure I’ll be moving them elsewhere. … not sure where yet… meh.

MXRoute, mate! Then you never gotta worry about a mail server again :slight_smile:

Vultr has the Miami location, which I find interesting for my needs. But I see so many complaints that I have no desire to use them to host my sites. At any rate, it is at least strange that they consider him Spammer without good reason.

Email spam is a big issue for providers like DO/Vultr/AWS/Google/ Etc.

Just make adjustments, and setup an instance for mail serving on another provider or use something like mxroute.

They once accused me of sending spam from a brand new VPS, spam that had been sent (according to their own logs posted in the ticket) over a month before I had taken that IP address… so I was there in the most stupid position trying to explain that I’ve had that IP address only for a few days and the spam was sent a month ago… :upside_down_face:

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You have no ide… oh look another 15 spammer accounts to kill.


I’m sure it’s a big issue, but accusing people willy nilly ain’t a solution. It’s just disrespectful, moreso to people like me that hate spam with passion.

It may seem like they are being disrepectful, but it might be just them trying to save there ass.

Like I said before; Find a vm just for mail on another provider and keep up with your current project as is. Big places like this are going to be wary of email no matter where you go.

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Its doesn’t seem like it, they simply are. They can defend themselves without being disrespectful, if they are not going to verify the info I’m giving them, then they might as well not ask any.
And just look at @Andrei experience… fk… amazing.

That makes zero sense to me, that is like giving them the easy jobs and give some other guy only the shitty stuff, yet is the guy taking care of the shitty stuff that actually behaves like a partner.

I didn’t realize that Vultr had become so strict in this respect.

How long have you had three instances with them? Are they all $3.50/m instances?

Not long, I’m a fairly new client.
I have a couple of 20$ and a $60.

These don’t really need much in terms of emails, but being the “look into the future” guy that I am, I told them Ithat moving more services to Vultr could mean a few hundred to a couple thousand per day, over time.
in my head, it was the right thing to do, tell them about what could be the max needs I would have on the forseable future. I guess I was wrong… a few hundreds to a couple thousand in the forseable future means I am a spammer. A bad one too… cause common, that would be a tiny inny spam operation.

Yeah, I understand you, and yeah, it was probably the “couple thousand per day” that made them panic even though that’s not a lot for a spammer.

As I said…

For what it’s worth they have always been accommodating and friendly to me. Dave a bit patronizing with an implied hatred due to my place of employment, but that has nothing to do with his team or how I’ve been treated as a customer.

They didn’t ask me any questions at all…I just opened a ticket asking how I would go about getting the smtp block lifted and what they would need from me and I got a reply saying the block was lifted. That was awhile ago though so I guess they might be more strict now.

My issue with MXRoute is that Jarland is such a cool guy I feel incredibly guilty doing any sending over like 100 mails/mo… we now use MXRoute solely for inbound because of that :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe, as a strategy, especially given that you don’t have a significant history with Vultr, you shouldn’t have asked SMTP to be lifted on all three instances at once, that is, maybe it would have been a better strategy to ask for one instance at a time … this is just a speculation.

Honest people shouldn’t need a strategy for communicating with Vultr or any other supplier.
Spammers on the other hand…

Btw, I didn’t request the SMTP block to be lifted on any single instance, I didn’t knew it was even a thing, till now that you mention it.

Logically, at least, the three instances could each differ with respect to the SMTP block.

I understand your reasoning: you request from Vultr that they lift the SMTP block for you as a customer, no matter how many instances you have now, and no matter how many instances you may have later.

My personal inclination would have been to request that the SMTP block be lifted for a particular instance.

Unfortunately, the current climate – which is unlikely to change soon – seems to be “By default, we don’t trust the customer to be responsible with SMTP.”

Which is why I gave them an estimation of future needs. I thought it would be the most comprehensive answer to their question.

but… when you say;

It actually makes sense when taking into consideration that they wanna lock SMTP usage as much as possible.

On the other hand they don’t mention any block in their sales pages, much less the need to combo their services with external providers.

So I guess this comes down to experience… I’m a noob… I know :expressionless: