The "Free Shit" Thread


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 are both currently free on Xbox :slight_smile:


Just found out about this tool and it’s pretty dope :slight_smile:


Look good but they are going to strip the free version of pretty basic features, like print design, some export options, PDF usage and I don-t know what more (only read of the the complaints on their own forum).
So its a fremium model, not “Free shit” :wink:

…and I couldn’t find their pricing anywhere…


Pretty sure they won’t strip the free version @404error
Afaik it’s 100% Free. Quoting Staff from Gravit on Forums:

Welcome to our forum, @CamCK.

It’s exactly like Toni89 said, we are licensing our rendering engine to other companies (not just laser-cutting, though), which allows us to keep Gravit Designer totally free. For the future, we’re also planning on a paid Marketplace and a paid Pro version, which will help us to keep the lights on.




Check their forum.


Omw to Uni will read through it later :stuck_out_tongue: If it’s good I’d happily pay for it though. Can’t be more than what Adobe charges you.


yeah can’t be more cause the product is not half as good.
BTW Corel owns other products that compete with Gravit, like Coreldraw for vector and pagination and Corel Photo-Paint for images. So my guess is that they bought it because they were interested in the tech, no so much in Gravit the product.

I’ve used Corel products and Adobe beats the shitz out of them. Since Adobe bought Macromedia that everyone else got hammered. Then again, maybe this Gravit thing is a game changer, I sure hope it is, cause the Adobe commercial offer became ridiculous… they dont’ even wanna sell their products anymore, they are loving the rending model… SaaS investors should all be hanged :triumph:

BTW adobe does have special pricing for students…


Why? I think it’s a great idea. The pricing really isn’t that bad, and for people who work in the industry, it’s a lot easier dealing with a single application with endless updates than having to buy a new version of software each year with new quirks etc.

The Adobe CS6 Master Collection (their last “purchasable” software collection) is £2223. That’s a huge pill to swallow for a lot of people. As opposed to Adobe CC (all apps package) which costs £599.28/year or £75.86/month.

On top of that, most people don’t need all of the apps. One of the most common use-cases for Adobe software is for photography. So, they offer a photography bundle which includes Lightroom and Photoshop for £119.76/year. Photoshop CS6 alone would cost £556.

All of this is before the various discount options that they offer. Considering the constant ongoing updates and support that you get, I think that Adobe’s offering is fantastic. As you said, nothing can really compete with Adobe’s software.


Assuming you are referring to the SaaS model. Yeah great idea to milk clients.
The vast majority of Adobe users to not need the latest version of the app to deliver a professional product, which is why Adobe discontinued their sale offer in favor of an exclusive SaaS offer.
They did kept both for a while.

1 off Vs per year.
If one off gave them more profits, then they would not have discontinued it. The reality is that people… [read above]

Again, per year, vs one off.

Which discounts and offers are you referring to?


Sure, as you repeated, but the per year subscription has a lot of benefits that the one-off payment does not. New updates often include fantastic new features and realistically most photographers need the latest version of Adobe apps due to extended RAW support (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong).

Student discounts (which are pretty crazy in themselves), occasional promotional pricing (like they currently have on the photography bundle).

I’m sorry man but I just don’t understand how you’re missing this haha. They offer top tier software, at a reasonable price for students and those in the industry. I’m good friends with a shit load of graphic designers (my close friend is one, he’s an admin of an online community), and the majority of them (at least the vocal ones) love the new model. It’s a lot easier to handle the pricing, especially when you don’t make much.

You can still buy CS6 :+1: It’s still fantastic software, despite it’s age.


SaaS model only haves one benefit, updates.
And no everyone needs those, which is why still today, I work with people that still use old version of QuarkXpress, Coreldraw and Adobe Software.
And some of these people are actually professional printing houses.


Student discounts are their own thing. And more often than not is a way for companies to keep hegemony, Adobe is not interested in students leaning and start enjoying other apps.
Same reason why Microsoft quite a few years back, backdown on suing the local schools here for using non-licensed windows version to teach windows to their students.

I later heard from a teacher that microsoft asked the govermen to atleast license 10% of the system in the public school network.

I’m gonna be honest here, it’s a first for me. Working in this industry for over a decade… kinda two. I’m never heard of a “flock” of professionals in the industry loving this pricing model.
And I know of none enjoying the student model, so that may be why? :wink:

No, adobe stopped selling CS6 via the alternative methods since Jan 2017.


Sure, there’s nothing inherently wrong with using older software.

Ah, nice! As I said, I wasn’t sure. One random photographer went on about it a while ago, but I never researched it.

Sure, no point in arguing this. My point still stands that they do offer promotional pricing occasionally.

Well sure, the model hasn’t existed with the industry leader (Adobe) until the last 5ish years. The majority of the referenced graphic designers are not students, but they aren’t huge design entities either. Perhaps that’s where our crowds differ? Paying an upfront fee of £2k is just undoable for a lot of people and I know of quite a few features that were only implemented into recent iterations of CC that a lot of graphic designers are hugely benefitting from, primarily as quality of life improvements.

Oh for real? Damn, I must’ve missed this. That definitely sucks. While I personally fully support the new model, I can definitely appreciate your view and probably the view of many others. It’s a shame that they stopped selling it. Surely you can still buy it from third parties? Admittedly I haven’t looked into it myself.


I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of adobe products, I tried using alternatives and always went back to adobe.
Everytime I have to work with QuarkXpress or Coreldraw my humor changes lol… I also tried Gimp.
Adobe is simply the best in its field, minus the website related stuff, for fks… sake, stop offering multiple products to do the same shitty job with a slightly different take/approach, just stop.

…and XD sucks too.


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AFAIK, they are tied to the account.


Thanks for the offer @doghouch (esp as I gave up trying to get any coupons), I’ve tried using both the .net and .com coupons and get

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I suspect @jetchirag is correct that they are tied to the account.


Yeah — my bad. It used to be a coupon code that anyone could use.

I guess we’ll all have to wait for tomorrow :slight_smile:


You tried, can’t ask more than that :smile:



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