The "Free Shit" Thread


Ah! so you’re probably as raped by taxes as I am…
I’ve once had my payment fail for some reason so Steam sent me a link via email to complete the payment, but the link for some reason took the US as beign the location so I then found out that not only the prices for the games I wanted were lower, I was also spared from VAT … so I got the same games for like 30% less.

I tried to trick steam to always fail the payment but never again they messed up the location… so… :frowning:


Close Steam, choose your favourite VPN and go for it. I guess you know that this is tax evasion. :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s how I feel too :wink:


I’m enjoying 27% VAT at the moment. I better stay quiet before they raise it again.


Tax free in my state. I don’t mind being a Steam game broker.


Use a VPN to get a poor country’s IP. Games in their local currency are much cheaper. For example:
Pubg South Africa - $22
Pubg Brazil - $15.50
I’m pretty sure Ukraine is even cheaper, but I don’t have any VPS there atm.

In the US you’d pay $30, in EU even more.

Or just :roll_eyes:


+1. Also


We offer free VPN servers :slight_smile: or


Hello ma love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s been a while since I stopped cracking games and software.
I wanna pay them, I just would like not to be robbed blind left and right.


Found this one via a Reddit post -

Free Online Course: Python for Network Engineers

Starts on 6 November and is 8 weeks long.


Free Sample - SFP+ Interconnect Cable

Might need to get a little “creative” with your job title and company depending on what line of work you’re in to qualify for the free sample. Maybe some of you guys could use one of these for your homelabs.



DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition on Steam is currently free.


Beat me to it :wink:


Just got this email:


Basically, Envato gives free files every month if you register (registration is free). This month, they’re giving:

for free. :slight_smile:


Wasn’t aware of this, thanks!


Whoops, forgot about the free shit category. Thanks for moving it <3


You should be able to see that on each of envato’s marketplace aswell, each month. At the section:

Grab [insert month here]'s free items


This reminded me of this: not sure if you guys are into creative assets, but Creative Market is giving away free stuff as well, weekly! The same drill as with Envato, you only need to be a member to download the free stuff: