The "Free Shit" Thread


Here’s a change of pace from the usual free games I’ve been posting. If you have ever wanted to learn Python, there’s a well rated course on free right now on Udemy –

Python Programming Bible Course

Udemy Coupon Code: FREECOUPON


Thanks for this! Hopefully you’ll come across more of these kinds of online academy courses :smile:


Evolvation on Steam is currently free :slight_smile:


For you Apple peeps


Each week or so some different stuff ends up there. I got Cyberlink Media Suite through this (and my gf got some software for drawing on pc) which I really enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


That reminded me of this site that also gives away free software:

Usually it’s something obscure and not super great, but every now and then they’ll post up a nice program.


I’ve heard of that one too :smiley:


Thank you @Ympker. Have you guys used TorGuard? I may give this one a try:


Been using TorGuard since 2013, no complaints. Easy to use the SOCKS proxy for Linux ISOs and the mobile app works flawlessly, lots of locations to choose from. I’m on the $30/yr (50% discount - can find on sale all year round) plan.


I use PIA (Private Internet Access) for linux ISOs. Never had an issue either, their yearly renewal is decent too. If I ever had an issue with them, I would switch over to TorGuard.


Which client you plugging those SOCKS proxies into for ISO downloading? I primarily use Deluge but heard there have been IP leak issues and don’t want to risk a DMCA on certain networks for grabbing the wrong ISO, y’know?


Deluge on servers and Vuze on desktop. I did run into the IP leak issue about a year ago and got a complaint. Pretty sure they patched it up though from what I’ve read and haven’t gotten another one since.


You won’t fucking believe what you did to me.

< spoiler >

Just as this Monica bitch started to kill or delete everyone, my GF called me and she fucking broke up with me. That cunt just deleted my GF. I know this looks like a bad joke but this shit seriously happened an hour ago, and I just continued to play after she hung up the phone. This is how fucking creepy that game is.

</ spoiler >

Definitely not suitable for children of those who are easily disturbed.

Maybe I should write to those fucked up devs.

EDIT: < spoiler >

After all this, I deleted Monica’s sorry ass. At least I got some kind of revenge. This game is amazing.

</ spoiler >


Damn it…


You deleted her? Keep going then :wink:


I tried to delete my wife, but there was a backup in the next town over. But as long as she stays on that other network I guess I’m ok with that.


Metro 2033 on Steam is currently free :slight_smile:


Murderous Pursuits on Steam is currently free :slight_smile:


I’m tired of paying so much tax pn games…
…are you by any chance on the US zone? I could send ya the $$$ :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in the UK :stuck_out_tongue: