Spoiling Hetzner - A very small review


No worries. Just saw the post on their Facebook page.


@Wolveix - Well done, sir, well done. I had to teach English lessons today when the cloud became available in Finland and knew someone here would therefore beat me in announcing this today.
We tend to post updates about the cloud most frequently on Twitter. We only use Facebook for bigger announcements, like the one today. We also recently started to post on Instagram, and if that goes well, we will try to do this more often in the future, too.
And if you guys ever have any feedback on our social media, let me know. I’d love the feedback! --Katie, Marketing


Never heard of a tech company using instagram before, so that’s new. Hopefully it works out :slight_smile:

I only use facebook myself (no other social media), but it seems like twitter is the norm for companies to communicate with their customers nowadays.


So excited!

Katie, would definitely launch a few more vms if the storage space for the highest spec plan was adjusted accordingly. We are missing that space and I don’t know why you guys won’t match it. We are losing precious resources.
No news about the netboot.xyz ISO I requested long time ago either… :frowning:


Thanks Miguel, I don’t know that this price is going to change any time soon. The Hetzner Cloud team already commented on this, which I posted for them in the past. But you are not the only one who has requested more storage in general. This is one of the most-requested features on the wish list, and our team is working at a fast pace to try to address as many of the items on this wish list as they can. For now I believe our team is suggesting that customers use our storage boxes if they need additional storage resources. These also allow additional users and subaccounts, and you can use snapshots and BorgBackup with them:

Sorry about this. I am trying to remember the exact circumstances of your request. Did you write a support ticket to request it via Cloud Console? If you didn’t get a response to the support ticket, please just try to write back via the ticket. Or if you want me to personally investigate, I can.
If you requested that I add this to the “wish list” for the ISO library, then I did do that. I’ve been passing all of these sugggestions on to the dev team as I get them. However, the dev team doesn’t put all of the suggestions up. They consider how much demand there is for the image. Perhaps they thought there wasn’t much demand for it. --Katie, Marketing


I don’t have a server with Hetzner at the moment, But am thinking about moving some of my smaller vps to them, I know they got ddos protection does anyone know if it any good as it will be replacing one of my Ovh vps that gets hit with a ddos ever few days.


I like how Hetzners makes it particularly easy to manage your VPS’s (project tab).
But feel Scaleway performance is better… maybe its the connectivity.

@Miguel what’s your take on this?


Eeeeeeeeh, the cloud VPSes are speedy as fuck

Definitely not, where are you located?


I had a few videos being loaded on a Hetzner VPS, they were lagging, moved them back to Online… but now that I think of it, I moved them back to a Online Dedi… maybe that’s why I feel the difference.

SO it was an unfair comparison … Ooopsie?


Scaleway and Online are the same network, so not really


Thanks Katie, I did mean that you guys should change your price - at all. The price is more than fair. What is not, is that the 32GB instance doesn’t have 320GB SSD, it has 240GB instead, where all the other plans seem to double it. Granted that it’s a bit cheaper than 2x16GB instances, around 2 euros per month? But, it doesn’t make much sense in my perspective. Renting 2x16GB instances would be 2 euros more and would be a total of 320GB SSD, while having many more resources. I’d seriously love to see the SSD increased to 320GB as it should.

Thank you for your reply my dear Katie. There’s definitely a lot of demand for netboot.xyz to be added in the ISO images, you can confirm with the folks here, and you can even ask it in Twitter as a poll if you’d like to. It’s a very useful ISO image that lets you install plenty of OS’s via network.
I simply suggested it to you several times, and you told me you passed the info / suggestion, but that damn ISO, as small as it, has been taking so long :frowning:



I disagree. Hetzner’s network is better, and performance is muuuuuch better as well.


Hi, Miguel, Thanks for the detail feedback. We always appreciate getting it. :slight_smile: --Katie, Marketing


New feature for Hetzner Cloud: Protect your resources from the trash bin! Don’t accidentally delete important resources. Use our new deletion protection feature for your Hetzner Cloud projects! You’ll thank yourself later you did.

–Katie, Marketing


That’s fairly cool. Someone is still going to open a ticket and say “I didn’t mean to delete my server can you get it back?” You’ll look and see that they had this enabled, disabled it, and that they’re angry at you for not being able to restore it.

Why? Probably the same reason someone thought this would be a great idea for a TV show:


Just a quick news flash - we’ve added our PX61 and PX61-SSDs to Finland. Another good piece of news – the price there is reduced because of lower operating costs. --Katie, Marketing


Any incoming news on Cloud? :grin:


It seems it’s already available :relaxed:


Glad to see these are passed down to customers :wink:


So, for all of you who couldn’t make it to our big 20th anniversary event last year and missed the DC tour, here’s the next best thing.

–Katie, Marketing