SMTP Outbound (for servers and stuff)

I am currently using and following their “acquisition” by mailchannels I am not convinced… They are asking for billing information and it looks like my “amnesty” LET rate is going to be over 10x what I am paying now, I suspect this is a bug, but I don’t want to enter any payment details and have to try and get money back when it turns out the bug impacts payments too.

Long story short… who do you guys use / recommend for outgoing mail from things like cron / backups etc?

I have played with AWS SES in the past and might just moved back to them unless anyone else has any hot recommendations…



EDIT: Should have put volume… sending about 5,000 emails a month

Just use SES.

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If I recall correctly, Miguel said that if people want to keep their current prices for longer they would need to renew their plan before the end of the year.
Any renewal in 2019 will be with Mailchannels set pricing witch is way way way higher than whatever you may be paying now.

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SES outbound, inbound. Easy.


SES it is! Thanks chaps.

And migrated! :confused: :slight_smile: