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Hello Hostballs! With the popularity of my high discount annual plans I’ve recently started developing a new brand; SmallWeb to offer a smaller, cPanel Shared Web Hosting plan with… less hyphens.

SmallWeb was created for those who don’t always need the full slice of the pie, for starters, for students, static-websites - and those on a budget. SmallWeb is for you. Available Locations are in USA, UK & EU.

With this brand still in the development phase I wanted to introduce it to the HostBalls users for feedback.

SmallWeb Bite Size Hosting:

  • Host 1 SmallWeb Website
  • 500MB Solid State Storage
  • 100GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Automatic SSL Certificates
  • Free Softaculous Installer
  • Free Remote Daily Backup

Order UK - Order US - Order EU

SmallWeb is a trading name of Cee Internet Services Ltd - Company Number 09970768. Registered in England & Wales. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Acceptable Usage Policy


It’s too cheap :sob:

JK. The package is great, but I guess 500MB is a little too small for even one actively used email with attachments taking quite a lot of space these days, let alone unlimited email accounts :grin:

And I think that this should be aligned properly:

Good luck!


Yup! More for testing projects and hosting static websites than email. I may just re-do that box. Thank you!

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I like that.
Honestly each time I read the hyphens I thought of santa instead of hosting


Hopefully SantaWeb won’t have that effect on you. Thank you.


Ofc not.
I like knowing ( in some caes) who is who ( no I won’t go into Ch s to see who you are and or do that via LinkedIn fb etc).
If you are here it’s not just to make an offer which I like hosting providers but I like “small” providers too :slight_smile:

Well in this case it’s a small web :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

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Looks good! 500 MB is more than sufficient for a lot of people… Many sites are quite small and would easily fit into that (particularly if they’re just static content or some basic PHP scripts like a contact form)


Wise words from a wise man - Thank you very much!


Kind of looks like you are using the S-Bahn logo as your logo.

Edit: also looks like you have a white-on-white logo in your WHMCS…
Edit2: am trying to resist ordering

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That’s an incredibly low price for the average “showcase site”, nice!

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Good luck with your new brand :wink:

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Damn, always with those crazy prices!

A few pointers about the site:

  1. Add margin-bottom to the btn class since the buttons have now spacing below them when they’re stacked on mobile.
  2. The icon for each feature don’t at all match up on mobile due to the use of columns. On desktop I think that there’s far too much space between the icons and features too. Rather than using separate columns, just apply the icons as a prefix behind each feature.

  1. The text for the buttons overflow.

  1. The footer links aren’t centered.


Awesome, just uploaded the fix to 1, 3 & 4. I am definitely going to redo the offer box. Thanks.


No worries :slight_smile:

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I know you’re looking for some quality feedback on serious mistakes, so here I am.
There is an annoying pixel on the WHMCS logo.

As many others said this in the last few days: I’ll see myself out.


Kinda bored, waiting on a download to finish, so here goes:

  • “Automatic SSL Certificates” → + free?
  • You use two spellings for solid-state drive/solid state drive on your homepage
  • “Who are we and information about our company and services:” → “Who are we” or “about us”
  • The entire “about us” has too much legal stuff in it. That’s already in your footer. How about “SmallWeb is a part of Ho-ost and created for those who don’t need the full pie but are happy with just a slice (warning: francisco may sue you). So if you’re a starter, student or just want to host a static website on a budget then SmallWeb is for you. With locations in the UK, US and EU there is always a SmallWeb server close to you and your audience.”
  • “to host your websites on our cPanel website hosting” → to host your websites on our cPanel server"
  • “Our support team is ready to answer you” → “answer your questions”
  • “You can install over 400 free apps with the Softaculous Apps Installer via our website hosting.” → via our what? maybe “Available from your control panel”
  • "We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our hosting plan subject to our Terms of Service. " ->maybe make the TOS a hyperlinked thingy?
  • “what is our service agreement” → +level
  • “an uptime rate of 99.95%” → remove the rate
  • “We guarantee an uptime rate of 99.95% and if we fail to deliver, we’ll compensate you per our SLA.” → how is that an answer to the question “what is our sla”?
  • “what payment methods are used” → “are accepted”
    -"We currently accept Debit Card, Credit Card, Paypal and we also accept Cryptocurrency payments. " → remove the “we also accept”. Could add through which payment processor you do this so people can extrapolate which cryptos you accept.
    -“when will i receive my sw hosting”-> “SmallWeb”. It’s short enough NOT to need abbreviation
  • “Your service will be activated instantly subject to an automated fraud check.” → after an automated fraud check

Please, align left on the left list, and maybe right (or left) on the right list. It’s irksome atm. Maybe add the connection to Ho-ost in here too? “SmallWeb is part of Ho-ost and is a trading name of blablabla”

Put your own logo in the footer, not that of hooost. Same goes for the big ass logo halfway through the page

And finally: you live on butt street?


It’s gone. Just for you <3


The site looks great and it really fits the service you want to provide.
One last thing: “Smallw <— eb provides bitesize solid state drive web hosting.”

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Am I not able to use .ml-domains?

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Ordered a EU-micro slice. All works OK so far.