Selling a Few Hosting-Related Domains

Hello Ballers!

I currently have following domains for sale (some have a decent logo made by me):

I do have a couple of more non-hosting related domain names listed here: Domain seller's Domain Shop | (and some are not listed but if you are interested can send you the list)

Let me know if you’re interested in any.

(btw, not selling them for $7 :p)


Do they come with licenses?


Unfortunately not :stuck_out_tongue:

$8 for the lot, final offer


$10, but only if they come with nudes.


Will you trade for FURRYCLOUD.COM ?


$8? For the whole lot ?! Throwing money like that… you must be rich or something.


What kind of nudes do you want?

Sorry pass :stuck_out_tongue: I ain’t interested in ponies… perhaps @Francisco might?

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I do have which I started as “yet another VPS tutorial/resources blog” but gave up due to time constraints.

If anyone wanna run it (can definitely put your ads/referral banners) then please let me know. Or if anyone wanna buy it off (as it is) then message me please.

IPv6VPS (.d0t.) com sold :slight_smile:

Other domains are still available.

When I saw PlexVM dot com my non-existing wallet jumped off the desk and walked away.


Catch your wallet & make it your bitch :smiley:

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I’m surprised that people are not after GEO based domains in the hosting industry.

With a little magic of SEO, you could really make a fortune.

Example: IndonesiaVPS (com/net/org) the exact match domain will rank #1 for the keywords “indonesia vps” if a novice user searches for it on Google, what he/she/it sees on page 1? yes, the .com and will definitely click and browse through your website and purchase an Indonesian VPS.

Don’t let this opportunity go, get it while the domains are available.

I’m just here for my free toaster. Get on with it!


Oh come on! I know you want them sexy domains, tell me, which ones you wanna buy :smiley: I’ll drop my prices (just for you) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Believe it or not, I’m all but moving out of the cheap VPS market except for legacy and personal use.

Then what is left?

Raw metal.

Let me know the price for PlexVM