Project Ideas

At @Yes’ suggestion, this thread is meant for any ideas that people may have, which others could then build projects from.

From daily annoyances, to big problems that need a solution, what doesn’t exist that you think should?

Could lead to some interesting builds!


Can’t remember if someone posted it here or the other forum, but it’d be nice to have a dashboard where you enter all your paid services with all info (price, renewal date, payment period, etc). Idea would be to use this dashboard to know what bills are coming up and to stay organized when you have a shit ton of servers spread out across many providers all with different billing dates and terms.

Excel/spreadsheets is a sufficient solution, but could definitely be achieved via a web app of some sort. Something similar to DomainMOD, but abstracted to handle any type of service.


Thank you for saving me from procrastinating creating the thread :smiley:


I remember seeing the suggestion and considered building something myself. After doing some research though, it turns out that similar platforms already exist :slight_smile:


What about one that not only keeps records of your instances/servers but also assists spinning new ones?

One step further , allow to group instances of diferent p oviders into groups. Think hetzner project but without the limitation of being all hetzner instances.

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Someone made something that allows you to spin up instances across providers…can’t remember who though.

This would be pretty simple to build. If there’s enough interest, I’d look into it. I do already have plans to build something similar to this, but a significantly more fleshed out version with a lot of additional functionality. Maybe I’ll get around to it, one of these days :sweat_smile:

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Not sure what providers he’s integrated. Pretty sure he listed them in the thread on LET a short while back


That would be amazing.
At some point I’ve failed to keep track of expenditures.
Edit :
Would it be questionable to have that node js project that monitors hetzner sb to hunt for dedis to automate the purchase of them?

Let’s say I don’t have the skills to build that.

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He’s never getting anything done so the thread is meaningless now

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Well, not really. People could still use this thread for ideas in the future :slight_smile: Just because there isn’t a decent contribution on the first day, doesn’t mean that the thread is dead and useless.

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Would you want it self-hosted, or as-a-service?

Which platforms? Any self-hosted?

Annoyingly I’ve forgotten. But I don’t believe it was self-hosted. Sorry about that.

I’m a bit sleepy but sowmone of the L** forum did something in Laravel.
Will post after coffee ( lake)

Idk if it was what you guys thought

Nope, that’s something entirely different haha.

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Fair enough :laughing: let’s get some more coffee

A bit off topic but maybe Jarland feels lonely with his red bull thing


Maybe some kind of Monitoring.

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