Looks like the Plex interface will be changing yet again.


I have to admit I’ve never used Plex before, didn’t even google for pictures of it’s interface. It looks better than I thought.


Other people disagree, but I’ve liked most of Plex’ interfaces. Don’t knock it 'til you try it :wink:


This is really exciting.


Anime Sub vs Dub war incoming. Might as well retreat now :smiley:


I’ve setup a separate Plex server instance alongside my primary Plex server purely for 4K content. I usually go for 8GB+ movies, so for 4K I’ll be looking at at least 36GB+ per movie. Time to start building this collection :sweat_smile: Shouldn’t take too long to double my current library size of 72TB, but they’ll be kept separate.


I don’t know how you get your content (probably automated torrents or youtube-dl) but in case someone is looking for a Program with GUI for “casual” dl use Videoder has been great. Supports 1000+ sites apparently. Check here:


Interesting, cheers for the resource :slight_smile: I grab everything from private trackers or usenet.


I record it with Audials so my library is rather small. However it’s the legal way to do here in Germany. You can’t download but recording a “legal source” (which Flix, Prime etc are) is all right. Obviously it’s live recording then so a 30 minute video takes 30 mins to record. Audials does however cut episodes automatically and has a movie queue so it can go on auto pilot.



In the meantime, your Czech neighbours can download movies and music perfectly legally. Interesting how that works - but I’m certainly not complaining :smiley:


It’s Germany. Ofc we have strict laws for almost everything. Don’t get me started on what our neighbours from Switzerland are allowed to do…


Audials itself is a pretty cool program though:

Along with:


Yeah, I remember researching it when it was mentioned here:


@Mason I’d recommend you try Audials. As convenient as PlayOn sounds what I have heard it is really bad, buggy (even though they claim it isn’t), many sources don’t work and 720p is maximum sometimes 480p.

Videoder can schedule dl links though I believe.


Seems it doesn’t support YT.


It does even though it is not listed?


I did try Audials, but quickly uninstalled when I figured out that it is basically just a screen capture program. Wanted stuff processed in the background, not render my whole computer useless while it does it thing. Therefore I purchased PlayOn. Granted, I haven’t used it too too much yet, but PlayOn does exactly what it advertises. Just wish it could record 1080p.


Does CR work with PlayOn? Just seeing it’s discounted for 20$. Might just grab it.


What’s CR?


CrunchyRoll (Anime).
I got it now tbh because 20$ is a steal but their CR Plugin doesn’t work. Seems overall it’s more convenient than Audials for recording, however I still can’t really use my PC for anything else as my i54670 CPU spikes continously at 100% while recording.