You mean …petabytes?


I do indeed :sweat_smile:


I know, that sounded better in my head :stuck_out_tongue:


A movie in 4K and 5.1 can easily be 50GB and explain that.

EDIT2: Wait… that would be around 20k+ movies. Don’t read me.


A 1080p blu-ray remux could be 50GB, a 4K remux could be significantly bigger.


Plot twist - he upscales all of his media to 4k, even 240p/480p cartoons.




Are you serious??


Holy shit


I mean, you are not wrong.



Movies-main: (few sneaky remuxes made their way in this folder)







What’s your setup like?


Is that all in Onedrive? (or what is that cloudlogo on the folders)

crazy either way, almost 1TB even in music


It’s google drive


They let you store all that there? wow.


It’s unlimited storage. People have successfully stored several petabytes there, Google doesn’t seem to care.


That’s crazy, holy damn.


As for setup i have a dedi,

Sonarr, radarr, lidarr, medusa, sabnzbd, rutorrent, plex and few plex scripts to automate scans of new items. All in their docker containers.
Alongside I have traktarr to import movies and tv from us, uk, eu and de region in bulk. One command can add thousands of downloads in queue. Most of my content is from usenet with 5 different indexers.
All new tv and movies are automated using crons and traktarr so as long as it’s out, it searches for them.
I have 2 containers of sonarr and radarr each, one for HD/1080 and other for 4K stuff


Except their 750gb/day upload is a bummer but that can be bypassed to an extend but it’s not directly streamable


Nice. Any particular reason that you use custom scripts for Plex scanning? Using Rclone for mounting, the VFS flags along with your own GDrive API credentials (user id and user pass) doesn’t (and won’t ever realistically) come close to hitting the API limits that people used to be concerned about.

Yeah, you can circumvent it with a Team Drive.


What about subtitles?

Still waiting to join @Wolveix Plex server, but we need subtitles, and haven’t had time to check his Plex yet. Subtitles are always an issue. We’re a family of 6 people and use my account, but the kids need subtitles…And I truly prefer to watch movies with subtitles as well.