Goes direct to viewers normally. Plex does have a relay service if something goes wrong.

I’ve found that if you have the bandwidth there Plex will stream fine. I have people in the UK, Europe & US streaming 1080p off mine (down the bottom of Australia) without an issue.


I was in yours long ago but I think maybe I am no longer due to inactivity. Mind if I PM ?


Go for it!


Is it possible to download the content to watch it later locally? I’m having a hard time with my connection for streaming in 1080p.


If the server owner enables it, yes. Unfortunately, I don’t because the functionality is pretty bad. If he’s accepting new people, you might be better off on @Mason’s server since he has lower quality content than I do which would stream better over your connection.

Edit: His content is still 1080p etc., it just has a lower average bitrate than mine.


Ouch, them be fightin’ words


Hahaha, you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: Your content has a lower bitrate on average resulting in smaller files, but the quality itself is fine for most people.


It’s the main reason I don’t upgrade the TV in the living room, allows me to get away with 720p content because I’m blind and the TV is crap (some mid-tier Sony model from 2009) :smiley:

Praise be upon our Plex providers.


I hear you! The majority of the content on my server is 8mbps - 12mbps, which is the recommended bitrate for 1080p encodes. I think @Mason’s average at around 2mbps - 6mbps, which most people still find fine. So while my library is larger in terms of raw storage, he technically has more content…for now :wink:


Yeah I know (IIRC) livestreams (on Twitch for example) are at like anywhere from 3K-6K so definitely acceptable. Although I used to watch first day cinema cams so I’m a pleb that will accept anything really.


You absolute lunatic.


Don’t make me relapse!


I have enough data to cross netflix on my plex server but it takes forever to scan and re scan it all.
988.8TB to be exact


Holy shit.


All hail the datalord. Praise be upon him




How can you even find that amount? is it mostly Pr0n too?. I have seasons upon seasons of sports and its hardly % of that


It’s a full mirror of PornHub no doubt.


I mean I get how one can want this much content but that’s just crazyland amounts of storage…
There’s this place called /r/datahoarder and you should probably be their king lol


There are people over there with several petabytes of content.