This thread is for discussing Plex servers. The first 15 posts were split from The Ball Pit.

I want to watch Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie) again but I can’t find it.


You can’t find it? Sounds like you need a friend with a Plex server :wink:


You have it?! I’ll PM you :smiley:


I can send you an intive too if you’d like.


I think I was already there but you didn’t have Spanish subtitles. You have them enabled now? It will be great to be back :smiley:


No subs unless they are embedded in the source file unfortunately. It was another thing to manage and took up more space, after I did a rebuild I didn’t enable them again.


Surely Sub-Zero is simple enough to set up? It doesn’t require any maintenance.


Chromecast starts playing subtitles for everything automatically which you can’t seem to turn off as the default. Disabling subtitles on each play isn’t much fun.


Yes you can.


The app doesn’t abide by those settings.


Oh really? Damn, that’s a shame.


Yep. They’ve been improving it lately, mostly it’s really good. Just small things like this.


Yeah, I believe you can’t change the default video quality either, can you? I don’t own one myself, so I’m only going off of what others have told me.


You better create a Plex server thread because I want to have one and I’m going to have a lot of questions :roll_eyes:


You can now!


So to watch on the TV I have to pay for the app? Is the only way?


If you have chromecast not necessarily. You could - although quite a hassle - browse your plex via your phone’s browser, then watch a video and cast it to chromecast I believe.


You shouldn’t need to. I believe a Plex Pass subscription bypasses that, so I can add you to my Plex Home which would give you the Plex Pass benefits.


The origin server location matters for the streaming? Or the client connection goes through Plex services?


Depends. The server location can have downsides depending on where you’re located. Running the server via a CDN can help negate these downsides.