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Thank again
Sorry for the problem :((

As reminder, CA will expire in less than 2 weeks.
If you have not been migrated yet / not replied to my pm, please do that now.

Since I will start cleaning up the Node in about 10 days, if your VM is still on the node, it will be terminated by then without any prior notice.

Please accpess my request

@sgorki Deployed.

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How to open port, i’ve already disable Firewalld but can’t access my site

I assume you’re in through SSH, then, as you mention disabling firewall. If you’re asking how to utilize the port range you’re given, start some service to listen on those ports you want to use … (Like if you want to run nginx, make it listen on a port in your given range.)

but how if i want to access though port 80

IPv6, or make cname or A record point to official node name/ip, make web server listen on port 80, and fill in ha-proxy … and wait. :slight_smile:

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Well thank, i’ll try it

Restocked Fremont, when the migration is done its likely that a few slots will be opened at other locations.

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Due to recent events, please keep in mind, downloading movies with bittorrent via nanokvm is forbidden.

We do not want to block UDP or tcpdump the traffic that goes over the node, so keep it civilized.

Aww… Damn the bastard who got caught!

Now I have to stop downloading my .iso's!

jk, damn those bastards for real.

May I ask what happened?

(Just out of curiosity.)

I bet DMCA for a movie.
There is also small chance of slowing the server with shitload of IOPS

I am also curious what happened.

It’s not a fucking difficult thing to figure out. He got DMCA’d for a cunt running torrents.

Still, I am curious what movie was it. Maybe it’s a great movie worth to see in cinema.

Paramount Pictures, send us a guy from IP-Echelon.
Dora and the Lost City of Gold, not one of my favorites.


Imagine ending up in jail for illegal distribution of “Dora”.

And your fellow heavy boy inmates asking you what you got sentenced for.

That’s why I have all the respect for @Neoon and people like him who run a free service like this. If you’d end up in jail bc of some **** random person that would just be shit.