Misaka.io / ZeptoVM | NVMe KVM VPS in Ashburn / Reston starting from $25 / yr, $5 / mo

Hello all!

We’re happy to announce that we’re finally ready to provide virtual server with our in-house developed panel. Hope it won’t be too late :slight_smile:

Account management is still through WHMCS but we’ll move to our system by the end of 2020.

Here are some highlights of our services:

  • Intuitive, fast, in-house developed platform MC²
  • IPv6 /64 subnet by default
  • Reverse DNS (PTR) configuration via UI / API, no ticket required
  • Daily built OS images with latest updates and patches (including Windows)
  • We own all hardware and IP space in the locations below


  • $5 / mo
  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GiB Memory
  • 16 GiB RAID1 / RAID10 NVMe SSD
  • 1 TiB Traffic

Order: Reston, VA, Secaucus, NJ


  • $25 / yr
  • 2 vCores
  • 1 GiB Memory
  • 20 GiB NVMe SSD w/o RAID
  • 1 TiB Traffic

Order: Reston, VA

Higher plans can be found on our order page or website (Reston | Ashburn | Secaucus).
If you want to use Windows, please choose plan with 32G+ disk space. Windows license is FREE for instances created before Jan 2021.

For BGP users, please open a ticket to verify your ASN ($15 one-time set-up fee will be charged) then you can see BGP option in networking tab.
Secaucus site is not available before our own transit is online.

Looking Glass / Network

Looking Glass for MTR / BGP query: https://network.misaka.io/looking-glass

North Virginia (Washington Metro)

Test IPv4: (Ashburn), (Reston)
Test IPv6: 2a0e:6902:2002:233:: (Reston)
Network Carriers:

  • AS3223 Voxility (AS2914 NTT + AS1299 Telia)
  • AS174 Cogent
  • AS3356 Lumen / CenturyLink / Level3
  • Equinix Ashburn
    Facility: Equinix DC2, CoreSite VA1
    Ashburn and Reston are connected using wavelengths with diverse optical paths. RTT between two sites are usually under 0.3ms.

Secaucus, NJ (New York Metro)

Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a0e:6902:4002:233::
Network Carriers:

  • AS19318 InterServer (AS6461 Zayo + AS6939 HE + AS174 Cogent + Equinix New York + DE-CIX New York)
  • AS3356 Lumen / CenturyLink / Level3 [Waiting for cross-connect]
    Facility: vXchnge NJ1



I have to say, this panel is so beautiful. :smiley:

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