Microsoft Halts Development of Edge Browser In Favor of Chromium-based Browser

Even with Microsoft Edge only being released 3 years ago, it will receive no further development. Due to issues keeping up with Chromium-based browsers, they have opted to shift their browser engine to Chromium.

The new browser under development is called codename Anaheim, but may be released under a differnet name once further details are released in the coming weeks.


I actually didn’t mind edge, I thought it was significantly better than any IE version before it. Fairly fast and responsive, reasonable extension offerings, good flow between desktop and mobile. It really shined with memory management for me.


I really did not like early Edge for a simple reason: It did not give me an option to specify download location. It does now have that option though.

MS and their fancy codenames, bleh.


Third time lucky. (Plus a few dozen)

“Oh what a shame this is!!!”

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Looks like they will keep the name Edge and change the rendering engine over the coming year:

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That awkward moment when you use chrome to download chrome :nerd_face: