Mailchimp Alternatives

As title say, what are the best free mailchimp alternatives for the moment? 1,000 subscribers +

I personally having good experience with Mailjet.

Free plan seem not good enough, only 200 email sending limit won’t work for nothing.

They don’t have a free tier.

Lite account is $9 a month for 500 contacts, $17 for 1000 contacts, if paid anually.

That’s definitely a great deal! But you should’ve at least mentioned that in your original comment :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot… busy dude ehh :wink:

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Paid :

Self hosted / opensource / free :

My personal fav :

Actually i found this:

Anyone used it?

Check my last comparison link (Geekflare) :wink:

No idea what Geekflare is or how to check.

Please learn me how to use Google.

I am working on something for this. - let me know if you want an account :slight_smile:

was in the post i referred to

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1 cent per mail? 1$ per 100 mails? 10$ per 1000mails? 100$ per 10,000mails?

I have yet to determine pricing. What do you think is a good price? :slight_smile:

I send daily days around 990(around) mails.

In a month i would have spent on you around 2800$? No bueno.

How about $0.0003/message?

Moosend had an LTD a few months back, got some serious fans with it.
They are to launch an LTD on Blackfriday… so… go grab it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thefre’s also sendfox LTD on AppSumo. A Product by AppSumo itself BUT that AppSumo does not use for their own business… so… ya know… i did not touched it. lol


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