LowEndStorage.win REVAMP | Sortable List of Low End Storage offerings

Hi All!

I’ve just revamped my LowEndStorage.win website. If you don’t know about the project, it is a means of collecting and displaying storage VPSes that are cheap in order to allow customers to evaluate all of their options and see how each provider compares against the others.

I initially launched the site back in November of 2017 and haven’t given it much love ever since. Hence this overhaul.

So what’s changed?:

  1. Now using DataTables jQuery plug-in to show and sort the data
  2. A GitHub project has been created so that edits/additions/deletions can more easily be proposed by community members
  3. I no longer have to manually write the HTML code for each entry as it is now in json format, which is read by a small Python program which creates the HTML code for the table.
  4. Ability to hide/show columns to reduce or expand the information shown to suit your needs.
  5. Selectable rows - useful when you need to scroll horizontally to read all of the information.
  6. Sticky header - useful for when you scroll down on a smaller screen so you can still see the column names/fields.

The old site was clunky and I really didn’t link the mobile layout. The new design should hopefully address the areas that the old site was lacking.

I’m not a front-end guy, so bear with me if you don’t think it looks all that pretty – I was gearing more for functionality over aesthetics. Feel free to let me know what you think or if you believe any changes could be made to make the site better or more useful. Now that the GitHub project is live, it is way easier to get other people contributing to the project.



Nice job!

How do you push github → website?

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Nice site. Looks really smart.

Do you accept submissions? If so can we submit speedykvm.com? We can provide the data in json.

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Thank you!

Haven’t gotten the process created yet, but the plan is to just write a script that does the following from the webserver:

  1. Pull latest changes from GitHub
  2. Run the Python script on the data.json file to generate new table code.
  3. Take the output of the Python script and inject it into the index.html file
  4. Copy the index.html file to the web root

Plan is to attach this to a cron that runs daily. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Thank you! Yes, certainly do accept submissions. Up to you on how you’d like to provide the info. I’m fine with just plaintext or using the json template. I have a few other providers that I’ll be throwing up there tonight.

Just created this little script that works like a charm! :slight_smile:


cd /home/mrowe/LowEndStorage
git pull
dos2unix index.html utils/build_rows.py
cd /home/mrowe/LowEndStorage/utils
./build_rows.py > table-rows.html
cd ../
awk '/placeholder/{system("cat utils/table-rows.html");next}1' index.html > new-index.html
cp new-index.html /var/www/storage/index.html
rm new-index.html utils/table-rows.html

Just had to edit the index.html file in the repo and remove the table rows and just put “placeholder” where the rows are to be inserted.


Are you going to add pure storage offers (like the Hetzner storagebox) or only storage VPS?

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If they come at $10/mo or under, then I’ll add them. I don’t think any of hetzner storage boxes meet that requirement, but I can add the SYS ARM storage boxes.

Think you’re confusing high storage dedis with their ‘Storage Box’ product (rsync/ftp/etc space): Storage


Yeah, you’re right.

In that case, no they won’t be listed as I’m only adding VPSes and avoiding FTP space for now.

Just thought I’d update this thread with the latest news –

The LowEndStorage project has been transferred into the very capable hands of @uptime. He has taken over the project with vigor and made a slew of additions and updates right away. Again, thanks be to @uptime for taking this on. I’m excited to see what direction the site and project take over the coming weeks and months.

If anyone wants to help him out, I’m sure he’ll accept any and all help via the GitHub project.


thanks @Mason - it’s a fun project. Will just be looking to keep the site updated with fresh offers as before: 250 GB or more storage capacity in the “$10 per month or less” price range. So far there are 38 entries (most of them currently in stock). :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great work, although I am done with storage servers. I have way more than I can use now.