Logo design


Ok… so I want a small logo for a domain I use for things like URL shortening, image sharing and general short URL stuff. It’s a personal domain but I fancy an image I can use…

I know a few of you have used fiverrr and similar, that’s the end of the market I am looking at, any of you got any recommendations of “designers” on there?



I could get you sorted, though we do not use fiver : |


I really don’t need your level of quality of work and wouldn’t expect you to work for the literal peanuts I want to pay. :blush:


in the past I’ve had a very good experience from someone @jarland recommended ( fiverr)


Do tell me what kind of designs/colors and a few examples you like for your logo and how much you’re looking to spend, and i’ll try my best to find someone for you.



Check out Anthony Lane Studios. He has been fantastic to work with. https://www.logolounge.com/designers/anthonylanestudios


Awesome work.

Found your brand :smiley: https://cargocollective.com/anthonylane/Hivelocity

Any idea about the price range?


The logo is literally a red background with 4 rectangles… (it looks really good though)
You could say it was

ba dum tss


It’s been a while…it was more than a few bucks…more than a few hundred bucks. A good logo is worth the investment if you have the funds. You have one chance at a first impression.

Yes, our logo is 4 rectangles…but it symbolizes a lot with just those 4 rectangles. It’s meant to symbolize a rack of servers, an H, it’s clean, its modern, it’s easy…these are all things we want our brand to stand for.


I agree completely. We are not talking about $5 logos.

@vovler lol. Yes it simple, I wish I had the creativeness to create something like that :smiley: