Log management service?

I’m looking into log management services, like Papertrail for instance. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts / experience / recommendation to share.

In an ideal world I’ll be using a service to combine exim logs into one location, sort the details of the log entries for statistics, and be able to use API to query the logs.

How about the ELK stack?

Definitely a maybe. I suppose I should add that if something has less of a learning curve, that’d be cool too :smiley:

Are you looking for a self hosted solution or a managed one?

For self hosted, you can have a look at this list (I can’t vouch for any of them though), hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m open to both, but I assumed a service would have a more polished product for someone just getting into the subject.

Set up graylog tonight and it’s pretty nice but still so very confusing lol

Wow, thanks @sshd! Just found git-annex. Will definitely be setting that up on a few machines :sunglasses:

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Can vouch for Splunk, but not free at all.

Alienvault is decent. I believe they have a community version, but we have the paid version. It’s expensive and seems like its more for large networks, but it does a good job.

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I’ve been pretty happy with LogDNA for my personal infrastructure. I’ve got the cheapest plan and it has always worked fine and the 3-4 questions I’ve asked their support team have been answered within a couple of hours.

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When my site was on a geodns based vps cluster, I used https://logentries.com/ for log aggregation. Though will get expensive if you have alot of log data compared to self hosted versions.

When I signed up, their tech support schedule a screencast shared session where they actually go through their system and demo everything and field any questions I had in real-time conversation one on one so that I got up to speed more quickly. Not sure if they still do that.

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