KVM Doctor | 30GB Storage 2GB RAM KVM VPS from £2.99/m | Storage server addon available £1.50/m - 8 Locations

KVM Doctor has the prescription for your VPS hosting ailments and goes the extra mile to ensure adequate on-going support is provided.
Add an exclusive 250GB HDD storage to your plan for only £1.50/m with a dedicated IP.

30GB Storage

Order UK - HDD|Unlimited@1gbps £2.99/m
Order UK - NVMe|Unlimited@1gbps £3.99/m
Order Germany - SSD|Unlimited@1gbps £3.49/m
Order Germany - NVMe|Unlimited@1gbps £3.99/m
Order France - HDD|Unlimited@250mbps £2.99/m
Order France - NVMe|Unlimited@1gbps £3.99/m
Order Finland - HDD|Unlimited@1gbps £2.99/m
Order Australia - HDD|1TB@250mbps £3.49/m
Order Singapore - HDD|1TB@100mbps £2.99/m
Order Canada - HDD|Unlimited@250mbps £2.99/m
Order Kansas City - HDD|Unmetered@1gbps £2.99/m
Order Kansas City - SSD|Unmetered@1gbps £3.49/m
Order Dallas - HDD|1TB@10gbps £3.49/m
Order Dallas - NVMe|1TB@10gbps £4.49/m

BONUS: Add a storage plan for £1.50/m only available with any of the plans above. There is a small amount of these available.

250GB HDD 
750GB Bandwidth @ 1gbps
1 IPv4

£1.50 Per Month. Can only be ordered with any of the plans above while stocks last.

FEATURES 7 Day Refund Included Custom ISO Uploads On Demand Backup (once monthly) On Demand Restore (once monthly) 24-7 Support Huge Library Of Available OS And ISOs Nested Virtualisation Scalable DDoS Mitigation

Prices look too tempting not to try!
I will give it a try, good luck with sales!

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I see you took the only stock we had available in DE (NVMe) meaning you are on a full node.
Do share your experience with other hostballers in due time and thanks for the purchase. :wink:

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So far so good! Vps feels exceptionally fast and support replies instantly!! +1



…what about my superfluous testicle, tho?!

I am sure I could find a cure for that too.!?

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