Job offering: sysadmin in Milano, Italy

Having received permission from @Wolveix, I’m publicly announcing that the company I work for is looking for a sysadmin. If anyone is interested, they may send me a private message to receive more information.

Here’s the bummer (for most of this international forum’s users): the position is based in Milano, Italy. Even though a lot can be done remotely, local presence is required for on-site hardware access and physical backup media handling.

Activities span a wide range, but will mainly rotate around Linux server administration (VMware based) and network infrastructure design and operation. DevOps quite a bit.

Workplace is going to be the proprietary DC in Milano, with sporadic visits to a secondary non-owned DC a few Km away. In the current sanitary situation, work is two weeks onsite followed by four weeks remote, subject to modifications in the onboarding period.


I thought hard about the possibility of employing a remote worker. In addition to losing physical access to the facilities, I’m afraid this is not going to be viable in the eyes of the management. An employee can work remotely if he needs to (even for lengthy periods), but I doubt they would take on someone 100% remote from day one. Please PM me if you know anyone in Milano, Italy, or you want to discuss further details.