I Need to Stop Buying Deals

I should set up Rehab for VPS cold turkey for $7 a month.


Yes cancel renewal for the current vps/dedis you have and buy new ones this BF.

Lose - Lose

Sign me up I need rehab got a number of idle VPS.


I do not want to stop buying deals, though I do have servers idling. I think the problem are not the deals, nor the price, but the idling (I know, it’s hard for me to say this out loud, but it’s a small first step towards cure).

Is there some road-warrior script to easily install a Tor relay server, with custom total bandwidth limit per month included? This way each server will have a purpose, while also idling and relaxing for the rest of the month.

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You should block LET, HB or cut your Internet during BF/CM :smiley:

Start working on strengthening your willpower :joy:

Hah! nonsense

Use one of your idling vps, install pi-hole, add LET and HB to the blocklist
I added porn list recently.


We don’t run ads here anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont install pi-hole on your VPS with a public IP. I tried that. :slight_smile:


Just use iptables wisely :slight_smile:

I will fix it later :slightly_smiling_face:
Hopefully no one find it.

restrict it to listen only on tun0 or wg0 depending on whether you have openvpn/wireguard.

Some ufw/iptables rules don’t hurt either.


I’m curious what happened. You wind up service DNS to the universe at large or something worse?

Yeah, just hyping for bf, hope it will be some VPS for dirt cheap

Business Idea #29310
Now I only need some deals on new domain registrations :thinking:

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You want crackwhore.party to go along with that.

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