I Need a Cheap VPS For Game Servers

Hi, i am on a really tight budget, and i need to spend as little as possible on VPS for Minecraft server for 50 players and it still needs to deliver good performance (my budget is 35$ per year)

Tight budget…

Just gonna leave this here -


You may need to increase the budget there…

This won’t end well.

I see that we are starting to get low end people here.

Not a vps but the last time I used them for my mcserver Aquatis Hosting did a pretty decent job: https://aquatis.host/minecraft-hosting/

Your not going to get THAT cheap of VPS for Minecraft purposes since A it will lack the mitigation you will requires from DDoSes that you WILL be getting from this and B the demands of the game both requiring quality CPU and RAM allocations.

If you insist on a VPS while being budget conscious, OVH’s VPSes are probably the only ones that can offer something “manage able” on a budget at all. But don’t expect lag free, I9 9900K cores, and NVMes with your order.

It’s insanity honestly how much MC “admins” expect at what prices they can get their Minecraft requirements fulfilled.

Even a budget conscious shared web hosting client is normally somewhat reasonable with their requirements than this.

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here ya go :


Yeah, that’s just not going to happen. Increase your budget to at least $10/m and you might find something reasonable.


Nah, a 1GB RAM server ain’t gonna hold anywhere near 50 players let alone half of that in any normal server/world type. He needs to raise his budget regardless of what he gets.

Especially with modern versions…

This guy really need to smell the roses and put his expectations and/or budget accordingly.


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Cheap != Minecraft
Minecraft requires a high clocked CPU, then you want to put that in a shared environment?
With 50 players that’s definitely going to lag to high heavens.
You should be putting that money to an E3 with 1Gbps Uplink.

It’s possible with shared providers who actually give you good “breathing room” and will out run a budget E3 configuration.

The same can be said about VPSes however per dollar shared providers will typically out run it in that. Since they are more inclined to offer aggressive prices while still retaining good performance due to the market’s demands. Of course this still cost ya but what’s your going to do if there very little demands for “top of the shelf” Minecraft/major game hosting right?

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…or he can get one of those free 512MB Virmach Minecrafts.