I just got MXroute

I have to say, @Jarland, this looks really nice. I haven’t tried anything out yet, but I’ve got 100 GB of storage and unlimited addresses for $15 per year. I’ve heard great things about MXroute, so I can finally ditch my ISP email. I was honestly going to go with Migadu, but their sales took weeks to respond to my messages, and something tells me that I couldn’t have gotten this feature set for what it’s being offered for here.

This forum looks nice as well. I lurk on LET and the LowEndSpirit forum, so this one will be a nice addition.


Welcome to the jar side.

Glad to have you on both fronts :slight_smile:

That’s a nice offer. How did you manage that?

There’s a promo code listed on here somewhere for half off, and I paid biannually.

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointer!!