How Do You Guys Manage/Get Your Music?

I’ve made a similar thread on LET a while ago, however this time around I’d like to know from my fellow Ballers: How do you guys manage/get your music? Do you use subscription services, youtube-dl, good old CDs or do you run your self hosted music station/stream solution?

I have, about a year ago cancelled my Spotify sub for various reasons. One of them being to listen to and select songs more consciously than just listening to some Spotify mix. And ofc dropping the sub. Having to pay monthly adds up. And then Spotify doesn’t even have everything I’d like to listen to. Since then I’ve been using Spotify free to discover music and used Audials One to record my music from Spotify Free or YouTube DL if Spotify didn’t have a song. Being able to record from Spotify Free however often allows for higher music quality than the equivalent on YouTube so I prefer that. I then copy my mp3 files to my phone and use Pulsar Music Player (free+ Chromecast support) on my phone :slightly_smiling_face:

What about you guys?

I have some folders and audacious/vlc.

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And you filled the folders with ripped CDs, youtube dls, spotify songs or from where? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Almost all of them are from youtube-dl, unless I need it for video editing purpose and if that’s the case I will get the loseless musics in .flac or .wav format


My music collection is currently at 30k songs. When on my PC I play music back locally using MusicBee, but I use Google Play Music portably since they allow you to upload 50,000+ songs for free :slight_smile:

I’m an audiophile, so youtube-dl would be awful haha.


JDownloader uses YouTube dl too?

I use Spotify because is faster, but recently I’ve been listening and creating playlists in YouTube and I’m looking for a way to have everything in a single place and offline, specially for when I’m driving.


Spotify and not that much YT for songs.maybe for rare ones

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You can convert Spotify Playlists to YT. Then wrap everything up and queue it for youtube-dl. Ultimately move all mp3 on your phone. Done :slight_smile:

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Spoken like a true Linux programmer.

Personally, I just have ~/Music on whatever, and about 4 times a year I’ll pull up something.


Went through so many different apps and stuff. Spotify, Youtube, Apple, then didn’t like the subscription. Now I just have C:/Music with about 120 albums right now, and copied to an SD card on my phone.


I’m also using Spotify. Worth it for a couple bucks per month


That’s what I told myself at first. Then someone on another forum (I think it was Raindog) said this:

Yeah…let’s see, I’ll probably listen to music for 30 more years, so that’s…$3,000 on Apple Music.

I own all my music. About half is stuff I ripped from my own CDs or bought (though typically not on iTunes, etc. because the selection is so poor). The other half is copied from Linux ISOs. I tend to listen to a lot of jazz, classical, and opera and the streaming services are more oriented to Taylor Swift.

So I disliked the idea of a subscription even more. Anyway it is certainly worth it when calculating in terms of how many CDs you could’ve bought etc.

Try out Google Play Music instead of manually copying music to your phone. It’s free and you can upload 50000+ tracks :slight_smile:


Don’t they check the songs you upload for copyright though?

Nope. Though for data efficiency, if they find a match of your song in their servers, your song won’t be uploaded and you’ll be served their copy instead. You can bypass this on a per-track basis by selecting “Incorrect Match” which will then prompt your uploading PC to re-attempt the upload.


Good to know! Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ll just leave this link here for the FLAC enthusiasts.

Other than this, I pay for Spotify and Sometimes Tidal (just to download more flacs)

PS: Spotify is currently $1.87/mo for my country. It launched officially about 2 weeks ago, before that I paid $10/mo

so Maybe, if you use an Indian VPN and have an international card and can live with little small collection to choose from, then that’s an option to save 80% on it