Black-Friday warmup Coupon - 25% on anything till Black-Friday! has a simple aim. We provide our customers with high quality servers but keep prices down. We own Hardware and Network in Lelystad, Netherlands and have an average ticket response time of around 45min-1h at most of the time
Our goals are to offer our valued clients a great experience and offer the best Affordable and most Reliable Hosting arround.

Why HostSlick?

  • Wide range of Payment methods accepted
  • Complimentary 100Gbps Corero SmartWalls DDoS Protection with any Service for occasional attacks that may happen.
  • Own Hardware, Network in The Netherlands.
  • Network based on industry leading Juniper & Cisco Equipment
  • Support On-Site for Emergencies 24x7
  • 24x7 Monitored
  • Friendly Sales/Support Staff.
  • Long-Term, proftiable, sustainable running business since 8years and counting.
  • No hidden extra costs. No Bandwidth over charges. Once reached, we will contact you with choices to Upgrade.
  • :love: :love: We love Servers! :love: :love:
  • Easy to use Control Panels
  • All VPS Nodes on a RAID 1/10 configuration
  • Performance is our top priority! We ensure that you receive the best performance possible, through our blazing fast network and high performance server hardware

What does HostSlick offer?

DirectAdmin Shared Hosting plans in The Netherlands
SSD OpenVZ and KVM VPS plans in The Netherlands
Dedicated Bare-Metal Servers in The Netherlands
Friendly assisting Support/Sales

Starting with today, our Black-Friday warm-up we will offer



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Check us out
Stay safe in this different times and tuned for Black-Friday 2020! :sunglasses: :smirk:

Test IP & Network/Server Location
Datacenter: Alticom Media Tower/Cellnex
Location: Lelystad, Netherlands
Test File:
Ping IP:

Payment Methods
Credit Card
SEPA Bank Transfer

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

In short form (enforced):

  • Don’t insult Staff, don’t be a dick
  • No spoofing, ddos, scan/spam, phishing, botnets, malware, cp related or anything else illegal we have zero tolerance for.
  • No fake details, No abuse on our network

I bet cp here is not short for cPanel, as I think it’s still legal? … :thinking: :grin:

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haha i get it.
altough im not a fan of cPanel new pricing, cp as in cPanel allowed, cp as in Child (fillintheblank) not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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cp here is related child (fillintheblank) ? I guess so…

Indeed. :smile:
A nasty word

Aye. Now that we’re all on the same page… made some edits for my sanity

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