Hostbill - New Pricing

Just got an email with Hostbill 2019 pricing.

Now starting at $599 one off, depending on functionality needed. It’s ~40% drop year on year.

Sharing, hopefully some of you will find it useful :slight_smile:


Someone mentioned to me that they heard @HIVELOCITY was moving off of HostBill from a job posting they saw. I’d be interested to know why they are moving away from it…

Was planning on starting to use it towards the middle of the year so this is great news.


Proxmox/SolusVM integration isn’t included in the first plan. So if you want to do self-hosted VMs it’s still $999 (unless you can purchase the modules afterwards for like $100). Still a nice touch for shared hosting companies tho.

Good question! We’re happy with them.

Are they moving to an in-house one by any chance ?

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You can add modules at any time. It’s jormally between $100-200 one off.

I hated it so much but seems to work fine for @Clouvider. I guess it’s all in how you use it.

Is HostBill Admin UI still ugly as hell?

@HIVELOCITY what are you guys moving to? Hope it’s not ubersmith, bleh.

It comes down to our satisfaction with the product. We are not satisfied with it. I don’t want to link away to other forums but if you do a search at WHT you will find plenty of 3rd party commentary on this issue.

Actually if I am going to tell you to search WHT I might as well just give you a link that echoes some of our sentiment.


I’ll echo this sentiment too, is it perfect for us? No. But it’s still on balance cheaper to have it fixed, in our case, (or buy source and fix ourselves) than other options. Granted we only had 2 issues that popped up.

What are you moving to, if you don’t mind me asking ?

$75 to get a bug addressed isn’t cheap, but that might not be so bad if it wasn’t beyond a few per month on average. Many of the other systems cost significantly more to have the same level of features.

We’ve had bugs or similar issues with WHMCS that while they would acknowledge them, it took some time to get them addressed. We don’t currently use Stripe, but look at WHMCS’s failure to update to the newer Stripe implementation to avoid the full PCI Compliance requirements… WHMCS is still “investigating” that problem despite everyone who uses Stripe asking for it.

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Aye, although it’s a pain, for us, return to WHMCS is out of the question.

Wow, that basically makes it the same price as WHMCS.

They also offer 10% license discount if you migrate from WHMCS which actually makes it the cheaper option.

Don’t they charge separate to do the migration?

I don’t think they do migrations any more, but this is something for the sales to answer.

Yes they quote based on your setup and how much you want migrated as in how many years of data etc so i have to assume it is somewhat manual, they were happy to provide a quote just a few weeks ago so i assume they still do.

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Paying to submit tickets, paying to get bugs addressed. No thanks.

Or, you know, you can always maintain software engineer in house, or a team of those at few k at best every month. This, or pay HB 150 USD every year for the 2 bugs that you can’t fix yourself ;-).

Or you can develop your own. You pay for their licensing and updates, doesn’t make sense to pay to report THEIR own bugs.
Plus, it’s encrypted. They’re smart.

Yep, which is not free as aforementioned.