HostBalls Sticker Giveaway! 10 Members Will Win Some RAD Stickers!


Me either.


Thanks @Mason! Considering how many I’ve got, if anyone here happens to be from the UK, I’ll happily send one or two your way :wink:


Wow, those got there pretty quick! Considering I just sent them out on Friday last week :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got mine too. Will be doing a laptop sticker refresh :rofl:


Still nothing here, but if @Wolveix got them in the UK they shouldn’t be far away :slight_smile:


People seem in love with those stickers. Could the vector logo become available for members to create customized stickers (on different backgrounds or with personal messages)?


I just pulled the png directly from the site (

Not sure if @Jarland has a vector image as well.


If he doesn’t, I could quickly make one.


They’re here!! :grin:


The pun at the end haha


All the notes have a geek/IT joke at the bottom to spice it up :smiley:


Haven’t received mine yet as well :smiley:


I posted this in the Ballpit but my arrived a couple days ago. :smiley:


I don’t. I made it on a phone app while laying in bed lol


Therefore, @Wolveix is free to create one now.


My attempt of vectorize it, I wish I have more time to manually trace it



Guess I won’t upload mine then :sweat_smile: Good stuff :slight_smile:


I am just trying to make use of my Adobe suite because I was busying with coding lately. You can upload yours since I believe it will be better than mine :slight_smile:


Likewise haha. It’s cool, yours has it covered anyway :sunglasses:


I wished I lived on the UK

*in the UK ( must been a typo)

That being said @Wolveix could have sent me a few stickers cough.

Jk, Good Olde Wolveix is cool :wink: