Hostballers Pets!


Not really but thanks for caring.
Last time I’ve posted ( which was when I saw her) I did not see here with pain ( at least she would not cry as before) but she is extremely disoriented ( won’t even look at me when I call her name).
She struggles to get on her foot and he is xtremely skinny.


Sorry to hear that, I hope she bounces back to full health.


Thanks for good wishes.


Got THAT call.
Quite sad


:frowning: I send my condolences


Breaks my whole family’s heart but if she was suffering that suffering is gone.
No one put her to sleep and she was examined and treated by over 4 vets.
That special feeling of gratitude she expressed was quite special ( my dad “lifted her” from the street >12 years ago) or at least we felt it like that.


Shit… :frowning:
My condolences to your family. :frowning:


Sorry to hear. :’(


Sorry to hear that, I know you did all you could.
Please take comfort that you saved her and gave her 12 years of comfort.


Thanks guys.
That sh feeling is still there but it should eventually fade away and just recall the good memories of moments we all shared w her.
One of the nicest ones was when she would not move from my rooms window after they made a surgery in one of my knees ( they hammered one of my knees).
Not sure how but she knew it and she was there those 2 months.
Will def miss her.


Sorry to hear that. At least she is not suffering anymore.


Lots of adorable pets! (Thanks to all who shared)

I have 3 cats (was 4), will try and post pics later.

2 cats are British, nearly 15 years old, then there is a German cat who is 12-13 years old


@crotaphiticus I’m so sorry that your dog is gone, but she sounds like she was really special and that you loved her a lot. --Katie