Hostballers Pets!


I would upload a pic, but my Cat died a few months ago due to cancer.
14 Years is still not bad.


Not my good boi but this is Dema.


Hope she gets better, or doesnt suffer :frowning:


I hope the second statement becomes true since I had to lift her myself.
She was hiding ( covering) below some plants.
She would recognize me, she is in pain and she won’t eat ( plus the blood issues).
Yes I’m anguished :frowning:

Thanka Miguel for being supportive


Can you take her to the vet? ASAP?


My dad will in some hours.
I think I’ll be told they’ve our her to sleep.
Thanks again Miguel


If its the best for her, so be it… :frowning:
Hope the family is ok.


Any news?


managed to call my dad and seems she is much better since she had some parasites as she licked a wound she had which led to those bleedings I’ve mentioned earlier on.
I think he was told she had miasis


Guys thanks for getting involved. This was yesterday ( i did not upload it since I thought it would be her last day and would have been super super cruel and disrespectful ).


That’s my gf and my dog looks like completely shrunk :frowning_face:

Apparently they gave her ( once again ) corticoids, cephalexin and some extra meds . She ain’t in sher best shape but according to what I’d been told she is eating back again :slight_smile:


Good to hear @crotaphiticus , Hope she is back to normal in no time.


Apparently she is getting better.
Blood dropping stopped since the meds they provided to her and some sort of silver based spray.
Must be something like this

She ate and apparently what sets her back from getting up from the floor is her arthritosis but seems meds are doing good effect.
Been reported she made 1 km.
The idea is to fortify her muscles :wink:


I am extremely happy with this news! Awesome. You just made my day. :grin::heart:


Thanks Miguel!
Apparently she is not in pain and much more healthy :wink:


Damn, we’ll want to see more pics soon! :smiley:


Hopefully I’ll see her morrow :slight_smile:


Sounds good!




Super sweet! Is she recovering fine?