Hostballers Pets!


Last thing I know is she may have kidneys issues.
They’ll see what another vet can do or put her to rest.
Yes that’s very sad.


Hopefully not, she’ll recover!


Update seems my ( parents) glucose is messed up ( not diabetic / yet)
The vet gave her some aminoácids , vitamins and so on ( plus special food / not aware that existed for dogs)
Apparently if she gets to the point where she is diabetic that would be nicht gut.


Is she recovering?


Echo and Hazel


Apparently yes


Waaa great!!! :grin:


Awwwwwwww <3

Edit: If you ask Echo for the weather, will she respond like the Amazon Echo does?


She was named Echo after Echo from Dollhouse. Very random and mischievous.



This is Minnie. She is an absolute unit and hates everyone.



This is Oakley and he is way too friendly


Glad to have you here @vapornode!

Aww, that is a beautiful dog :drooling_face: I still need to post my pets here.


So pretty!


My turn now guys.

Here is Steve. My family. My beloved son.

And when he was a few weeks old and a few months old…

Small backstory. Been through a depression for 4 years. This dog saved my life. My dog and my girlfriend.
Sleeps with us when we are at home. He is treated like a family member. I love him.

Sorry for the many images but I had to share these with you.


Aww… these pets are so cute. Which I had one myself.
Are you guys a dog or cat person? Me personally, am a hippopotamus person


Both. And I love animals in general. :grin:


Came to visit my grannie and my parents dog is in extreme bad shape :confused:

Not sure if she will make it for tomorrow to the vet.


Sad to hear that :frowning:
Ii hope she does and that the vet can take care of her to a full recovery.


Not very likely as she is shivering and she barely recognized me.
Blood in her saliva and her poop :confused: