Hostballers Pets!


Oreo. Rio for short. She has very bad anxiety and poops when scared.


Does she (at least) poop in the toilet? :stuck_out_tongue:


She has a greater meaning of the word toilet. Once in a blue moon when she’s over anxious it usually means the floor :wink:


Also, this is my girlfriend’s dog Honey! :dog2:


such doggo


My mom’s dog with me a long time ago.

Let’s add another one


No pets that I own but I babysit a couple at work.

Benefit of working at an animal hospital is all the staff dogs. :slight_smile:


Finally got pics of the whole gang. Here they are in order from oldest to youngest –

This is Simba:



And Ryder:


I need a pet… or more…



We just got Louie a few months ago. I am allergic to cats so we had to go with this crazy looking thing. He is a Devon Rex which are as hypoallergenic as a cat can come.


Gamera (13 yrs old) and Godzuki (2 yrs old)

Have Gamera since weeks old when a bird dropped it in my yard


@Mason Arya does look just like Linux! Twinsies!


Feed me and I’ll be your pet, sounds like a retirement plan :thinking:


This is Luna. She’s 6 months old, She’s a German Shepard and Lab Mix.


So cute! Im not a dog person but if I had one, it would be something similar to Luna


Seems like a old thread now but I just couldnt help sharing. I absolutely love animals.


My wife, myself and my daugter have a soft spot for animals.
The dog’s name is wrecks (rex) and he is 10 years old. The two kittens are captain and biscuit and the other two sleepers are peanut and tiggs.


And the names of the wildebeests???


She is back from the vet.

Apparently she had some fever and she has been given some corticoids as she could not get on her foot / feet.
Blood tests are being made.
My dad picked her up from the streets about 12 years ago