Hostballers Pets!


I don’t think we have one of these threads yet.

Here is my Macbook Protector/Assist Christmas Decorator.


Sadly, no pets over here. Though i might get a dog next year. Haskey? Probably.


What a beautiful cat! I wish I can get one in the future.

I could create a lot of memes.


Unfortunately GDPR prevents me from posting. I can’t get my cat to sign the form.


No pets allowed in my apartment ( it’s rented)


My 2 Linux mascots, Evil Death Penguin and my son’s old stuffed penguin. And yes the cat’s name is actually Linux. My son named her when he was 3.


Wow! Linux looks just like one of my cats down to the half-stache and everything! I’ll get pics later when I’m back home :slight_smile:


Hehe my son’s name is Mason




D… dad?


Lol possibly? I was a bit promiscuous in my youth.


More like History Protector

Got a cat too, Taiga (“also known as boreal forest or snow forest”, Wikipedia)
We adopted her, at the time she was really small but that changed rapidly.

And then she grew up


Did someone order a big floof with extra cuteness?


In the first image it looks like shes gonna F… ya up if you keep pointing that camera at her.

Strike that, at a second look it looks like my GF when I just spewed some nonsense at her…


My wifes doggo (dumb as dirt, but cute enough) :wink:


She wants me to bring in pets but rules are rules


My dog… and also how I feel on Mondays…



That is hilarious!!! (and relatable :P)


Kobe was visiting at the office yesterday.


I have a dog call lili when I was a kid but no more pets because I am too emotional and cant affort death.